Flatio offers mid-term flat rentals

Flats for one to six months can be very hard to find

People are familiar with web services for sharing flats, but usually these are for short amounts of time, like a vacation. Other services cover long-term rentals of at least a year.

A relatively new service established in the Czech Republic serves the needs of people looking for something in between those options.

Flatio provides an accommodation mainly from one to six months. “We are trying to establish a new term, 'mid-term' housing,” Radim Rezek, CEO Flatio said, adding that business people and students were among the big customers.

Flatio started as an alternative for people who were looking for mid-term accommodation, as there was just nothing like that available. “They were struggling with a lot of obstacles, and they were forced to resort to the desperate measures like signing the contract for 12 months and after three months having to withdraw from the contract, or paying a huge commission and deposit, even though they were supposed to stay somewhere just for a few months. Flatio saw that as the opportunity to help those people,” he said.

Flats you can rent on Flatio are always equipped and furnished with the internet, so all you need to do is just move in without bringing much stuff along. “We also provide 360 degree tours through flats and even tours in virtual reality that ensure our tenants about the quality of their future home,” Rezek said.

The company also tries to filter candidates, as Flatio guarantees the condition of the flat when it is returned. Czech applicants are verified according to whether they have debts or bankruptcy and other factors. “Part of the reservation includes a profile of the applicant with basic information about them and any other persons who will be using their apartment,” he said.

A large segment of Flatio's customers are students coming to Prague for Erasmus or a similar study-abroad program. “Accommodation for a few months comes in really handy for them,” Rezek said.

Another group of people are digital nomads, people who work remotely. They don't have to time to personally visit flats. “They appreciate that everything can be done online,” he added.

There are also people with unexpected motives. “One of our first reservations in Prague was an elderly lady whose lifetime dream was to live in the center of Prague just for a month. So she temporarily moved out from her house in West Bohemia and went to Prague,” he said.

Another group includes families or couples whose flats are being renovated, who need to place to stay during that time.

Flatio has a branch called Flatio for Business, which is for companies that need to find accommodations for their employees in the case of relocation or a job trial for three months. The employee will get a fully equipped flat with internet. Commissions or a deposit don’t have to be paid. The accommodation can be paid on an invoice due in 30 days.

There are two types of listed flats. Flats marked as “verified offer” were personally visited by a photographer from Flatio, who has taken pictures of the whole apartment, including a virtual tour. Unverified offers have photos taken by the owner. However, the owner is responsible for their offer and the apartment must be in the same condition as it is in the photos when it is handed over to the tenant.

Otherwise, the tenant has the right to withdraw from the contract, and can get the already paid first rent returned as well as a discount on the first rent for another flat rented through Flatio.

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