Prague and Plzeň have highest rents

But cheap accommodations can be found in other regions

The most expensive Czech regions to rent a flat in are Prague and Plzeň. The cheapest rents are in Ústí nad Labem or Moravian-Silesia regions, according to an analysis by developer Trigema.

In the second quarter of 2017, apartment rents in Prague was roughly double the rates of some other Czech locations. The average monthly rent of the 2+kk apartment in Prague reached over Kč 14,000, in the Moravia-Silesia region it was around Kč 7,000.

“The housing market and rentals are interconnected. If, in a place that is attractive to residents, the price for new and older homes is higher, the cost of rental housing will increase accordingly,” Trigema board chairman Marcel Soural said in a press release.

The average price of a flat in Prague in the size of 1+kk was Kč 11,294 in Q2 2017, while a 2+kk was 14,223 and 3+kk was Kč 18,134 per month. The most expensive rental apartments are in the city center. In Prague 1 apartments on average rent for Kč 41,611 and in Prague 2 for Kč 29,579 per month, according to Trigema's figures.

“Even though prices for rental housing in Prague usually exceed Kč 10,000, it is possible to find offers that allow people to live at much lower costs. However, the level of such prices often also corresponds proportionally to the size and quality of the housing provided,” Soural said.

The cheapest monthly rent was for a one-room studio apartment in Prague 9 for Kč 4,200 per month and one of the most expensive flats had an asking price of Kč 130,000 per month in Prague 2.

Plzeň had an average rent of Kč 9,762 per month.

In the South Moravia region, the cost of rental housing averaged Kč 11,916 and in Central Bohemia it is Kč 9,875 per month.

On the other hand, Trigema states the lowest monthly rent on average is paid in the Ústí nad Labem region at Kč 7,037 and then in the Moravia-Silesia region, which is Kč 7,355. The South Bohemia region is also cheap, at Kč 7,805, and the Liberec region was at Kč 7,945.

The lowest monthly price for rent was recorded in Aš, where a studio was advertised at Kč 1500. In Ostrava, a studio was offered for Kč 1,800 and in Česká Kamenice one was at Kč 1,900.

Previously, developers have warned that there was an impending housing shortage, especially in Prague, due to the amount of red tape that went into getting a new housing project off the ground. Flats in the lower end of the rental spectrum were particularly expected to be in short supply.

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