Flatio for Business offers medium-term rentals

Finding accommodation for visiting employees used to be difficult

Medium term rentals are among the most difficult to find, but businesses often need them for employees. The Czech firm Flatio deals in rentals from one to six months and now has a division called Flatio for Business. This service is designed especially for companies looking for accommodation for employees, for example, when relocating or recruiting high-quality professionals from abroad or other cities.

Flatio for Business is tailored for companies, and it allows rental payments on an invoice with a maturity of up to 60 days. It also provides customers with a clear administration system. There is no commission or deposit to pay, and all flats are fully furnished.

Although this type of rental lasts for one to six months, Flatio has been able to find accommodation for 14 days and up.

Housing can be viewed by employees from anywhere in the world using virtual tours or photos. The reservation is made by the company or employee online on the basis of specified criteria, such as the maximum rental amount. All the paperwork can be done online. A new employee can pick up the keys, and he or she can move in right away.

“The service originated from the natural development of Flatio's most popular clients. Our data showed that 50 percent of our clients are businesses, so we decided to prepare a special product. We also found that there is no simple and affordable way on the market to find employee housing without having to pay expensive hotel bills or real estate commissions, or go on physical tours,” Flatio founder Radim Rezek said.

Flatio is the largest provider of medium-term rentals in Europe. Currently Flatio operates in six European cities: Prague, Brno, Vienna, Salzburg, Bratislava and Ostrava. In the near future, the company will be expanding into Poland.

“We officially launched the service in April as a pilot project to find interest. By July, over 100 businesses registered. From the important clients, I would like to name Česká pojišťovna, innogy, KPMG, Hankook, Kiwi.com, Česká spořitelna and Generali. We are now anticipating greater interest from companies, and we have decided to invest even more effort into development to maximize the simplicity and comfort associated with looking for housing for employees,” Rezek said.

The project has been very successful so far. “One always plans to develop something new with the idea that it will be great. But it does not always come out. In this case, it came out beautifully. I am delighted to be able to build partnerships with both small companies with five employees and large multinational corporations,” he added.

Aside from the advantages already mentioned, there is round-the-clock customer support, and support over the Flatio for Business website.

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