Drn building to open soon

The greenery covered new building on Národní has a new name

The new building called Drn on the corner of the Národní třída and Mikulandská streets is almost completed on the site of a former parking lot. The lowest story will have restaurants and shops and offices are on the upper floors. It will open at the end of November and start of December. The building is connected to the historical Schönkirchovský palác and its cost is about Kč 1.5 billion.

The building was originally to be called Palác Národní, but it was recently changed to Drn, a Czech word for greenery.

The building includes four underground and eight above-ground floors. Originally it was supposed to be was a hotel, but the investor re-evaluated the plan. On the ground floor and basement, there will be a hairdressing salon next to a café, restaurant, and bar. On the first floor will be Galerie Zdeněk Sklenář.

The upper floors will have a panoramic view of the city, but only for the tenants of the offices.

Some 2,479 square meters was set aside for shops and 7,655 sqm for studios and offices. Architect Stanislav Fiala is behind the project.

“We very much welcomed that the investor backed away from the plans to construct a hotel and instead offered the public a unique multifunctional complex, sensitively linking the modern building full of greenery with the baroque Schönkirchovský palác,” Prague 1 Mayor Oldřich Lomecký said.

“This last free plot in the center of Prague was originally to be a hotel. Changing the project intent opened the object to the public. Prague 1, therefore, welcomed the intention of the investor Sebre and did the utmost to cooperate during negotiations on the change of the zoning decision and obtaining a building permit. The multifunctional Drn building is fully in line with the intent of the city to revitalize and revitalize Národní třída. In the past months, the area between Voršilská and Spálená streets has been enlarged, the surface is being replaced and the trees are being planted,” Lomecký said.

Both the land and the baroque building were sold by the municipality in 2005 to the company Dittrich for Kč 234,700 per square meter, totaling almost Kč 184 million. Investment firm Sebre eventually took over the project.

“The honorable name Palác Národní was changed into the Czech name Drn. In addition to bringing a piece of nature to the center of the terraces alongside the facade, there is greenery in the courtyard and the roof terrace. It is friendly to the public and is not a closed palace,” said Jan Kubíček, director of Sebre. He added that when people look at the building from below they will see a green hill.

The construction was preceded by an archaeological survey. In addition to coins, statuettes, swords, and 4,000-year-old vases, there were two Gothic wells that the architect incorporated into the project.

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