Sekyra gets first permit for Smíchov City

The developer plans to create a whole new neighborhood in Prague 5

The largest development project in Prague was granted the first permit necessary for construction. Sekyra Group could start building in Prague's Smíchov district at the end of next year.

The plan envisions creating the largest integrated new neighborhood in Prague in the modern history of the city. Sekyra Group, run by entrepreneur Luděk Sekyra, plans to invest between Kč 12 billion and Kč 15 billion in the project over the next 12 years.

Sekyra received a positive opinion on the environmental impact assessment (EIA) for the first phase of the Smíchov City project. It is the first of three permits the developer needs before beginning construction. Sekyra Group is now waiting for the decision to become final.

“As soon as this happens, we will ask for a zoning decision, and if there are no complications, we expect all permits, including construction, by the end of next year,” Sekyra executive director Leoš Anderle said, according to media reports. Construction could begin at the end of 2018 or start of 2019.

In Prague 5, Sekyra Group owns almost 22 hectares or five times the size of Wenceslas Square. It includes a former railway freight station and extends to Na Knížecí bus station. In the first stage, Sekyra Group plans to build three buildings consisting of flats, offices, and shops.

In total, approximately 3,300 residents will be housed in Smíchov City. Sekyra has recently concluded an agreement with Česká spořitelna, which will lease a new headquarters and move employees from the headquarters in Budějovická.

A 28-meter wide boulevard will lead to the new district. The Town Hall of Prague 5 will set up a school and kindergarten. The developer should be involved in financing the construction of the school, according to previous information. The size of the school was a concern for people who commented on the project when Sekyra sought input. The plan for the project was changed to meet some of the public's concerns.

The city will be investing in transport infrastructure, the renovation of a tram line and the construction of the P+R parking lot.

Sekyra Group previously said the project would include smart city elements, such as systems for public lighting management and stop light management, and “intelligent furniture.” The concept of intelligent furniture includes solar-powered benches with WiFi and phone chargers, for example, and trash cans that notify the collection agency when they are full. Sekyra did not give specifics, however, of what smart furniture they were planning to install.

The first phase of buildings was designed by Kuba & Pilař architekti, while HaasCookZemmrich STUDIO 2050, Chalupa architekti + A.L.T, Architekti, Lábus – AA – Architektonický ateliér, D3A and Projektil architekti collaborated on the project.

Sekyra Group will soon present the project in detail to the public using virtual reality. A 3D model will show how the project changed after public input.

Sekyra Group also wants to create a new neighborhood called Rohan City project in Karlín for Kč 10 billion with housing for 3,500 people. It also has a positive EIA report. Which project will now go forward first is not clear, Anderle said.

The third large area that Sekyra Group wants to develop is the former railway station in Žižkov. In order to apply for the necessary permits, the city has to change the land use plan. The city management is preparing the change.

Sekyra entered the real estate sector in 1995. For the last 10 years, the group has focused on large projects in Smíchov, Žižkov and Karlín. The group acquired land parcels in those areas between 2003 and 2008. The land in Smíchov was sold by Czech Railways in 2006.

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