Husitská Street to be renovated

Work on the street in Žižkov will take nine months

The renovation of Husitská Street in Prague’s Žižkov district starts Monday, March 12. The renovations will take up to nine months, and the street should become better for both drivers and pedestrians. Work will be divided into three stages so that parts of the street will remain accessible. Public transportation in the area will be affected.

The road renovation should cost Kč 67 million.

“This is one of the main city radials that connects the central part of the city with the eastern section of the city and continues to the Central Bohemian region. It is part of a dense urban area,” Technical Administration of Roadways (TSK) spokeswoman Barbora Lišková said.

“The first two stages should take two months, and the third stage will last for four months. They will depend on each other, so it is not clear exactly when one phase will start and one will end. But it's possible that the closure will end sooner,” she added.

The street is completely transformed. The carriage is said to adapt the road loaders to heavy traffic.

“The curbs will shift so that buses will have better access to the stops and won’t restrain the other traffic, and the road will have increased firmness so it will withstand heavy loads. On sidewalks, the workers will lay a new stone pavement. The plan also includes adaptations of intersections and complete drainage for the road,” Lišková said.

There will be more parking inlets and stripes for blue parking zones. Pedestrian crossings should be safer and have improved lighting.

The road work will lead to detours and changes in public transportation from 4:30 am on March 12 to some time in November. Buses will be rerouted on Seifertova and Prokopova streets. Tram 15 will go continue from Olšanské náměstí to Olšanská and Biskupcova and terminate at Vozovna Žižkov.

Bus line 133 is canceled. There will be changes on the routes of buses 175, 209, 908 and 909. Some bus stops will be moved.

Road closures are also planned for Libeň, Vysočany and Běchovice.

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