Vinohradská repairs postponed

Due the traffic conditions in Žižkov, the needed upgrades will take place later

The long-awaited renovation of Vinohradská has been postponed, following the recent traffic difficulties that have occurred in Žižkov. The Prague 2 Town Hall has agreed with the Deputy Mayor Petr Dolínek (ČSSD) on the change. Repairs will take place from the opposite side that had previously been planned.

Traffic jams and tram delays have been occurring in Žižkov ever since work began on Husitská Street on March 12. Work there should take three months.

This year, reconstruction of engineering infrastructure and tram lines on Vinohradská was to take place due to their critical condition. The first stage was to cover the section from Španělská Street to náměstí Jiřího z Poděbrad. The reconstruction of the pavements was to follow later.

Prague 2 Deputy Mayor Jan Korseska (ODS) initiated negotiations with Dolínek on the delay of the renovations.

“In view of the critical situation that took place after the closing of Husitská we had to propose changes in the stages of the Vinohradská repairs, which were accepted by Deputy Mayor Dolínek," Korseska said, according to Mladá fronta Dnes.

Vinohradská Street should have been closed from this spring gradually from Muzeum to Jana Želivského Street. But according to Korseska this would mean a traffic collapse in the center of Prague.

“That's why Vinohradská třída will be repaired from the upper part, that is from Želivského down, with a possible postponement of the initial work,” Korseska said.

The reconstruction of the Vinohrady class will take a three-kilometer stretch from the intersection with Legerova Street to the crossroads of Vinohradská Street and Jan Želivský. Completion was originally planned by the end of 2020. Total costs range from 548 to 610 million crowns.

The road renovation to Husitská should cost Kč 67 million and is divided into three stages. The street will be able to better handle heavy traffic and be more friendly to pedestrians.

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