Rohan City construction should start next year

The developer intends to revitalize a Prague brownfield along the Vltava river

A large unused area on Rohanský ostrov in Prague between Invalidovna and the Vltava river will begin to be transformed into housing for 3,500 people. The private development called Rohan City will cost some Kč 10 billion.

The project by developer Sekyra Group will be on one of the city's largest brownfields and cover some 200,000 square meters. The project was approved by Prague 8 City Hall last week. The housing should be eco-friendly.

“I’m happy that we finally finished all the necessary steps to make Rohanský Island a fully fledged part of Prague 8 and the city in general. For me, the most important success is the agreement that we reached with the developer, who accepted our requirements and implemented them in the project,” Prague 8 Mayor Roman Petrus said in a press release.

The cooperation between Prague 8 and developer Sekyra Group also involves the developer’s donation of Kč 60 million. “Our common interest is the development and support of housing in the broad center of Prague. That’s why we will use this money to build a primary school or a kindergarten in the area,” Mayor Petrus said.

Sekyra Group can now prepare the zoning documentation for the first of the five planned stages by the end of the year.

The developer would like to start construction on the first stage of the project next year, and plans to complete the entire neighborhood in 15 years.

The first phase will have about 300 apartments and 30,000 square meters of office space in two buildings. “Preparatory and design work is in full swing to get the necessary permits to start construction in the first half of next year, we expect the completion of the subsequent construction in two years,” Sekyra Group development director Igor Klajmon said.

The first part of the new development, with an area of about 50,000 sqm, will be built during the next year in a section in front of the historic Invalidovna building and Kaizlovy sady. A large park should be built that joins with the cycle path along the Vltava river. Afterwards, work will continue on the next zone in the stretch from Šaldova Street to Kaizlovy sady.

Altogether, about 2,500 flats could be built on the site of approximately 20 hectares.

“There is a large recreation area and there is in direct contact with the river, we also want to support the activities on the waterfront by building a new promenade in the place of the current cycle path,” Leoš Anderle, executive director of Sekyra Group, said.

In agreement with the city, the investor incorporated comments to make houses fit in better with the neighboring Karlín buildings. The project should also include pedestrian zones.

The street Rohanské nábřeží will be transformed from the current outpost to a city boulevard with wide walkways, retail and greenery. Residents and office users will park in the underground garages of individual buildings, surface parking will be only be for visitors.

“I believe we have done everything in the preparatory stages to create a lively neighborhood here,” Prague Deputy Mayor Petra Kolínská (Greens) said.

In connection with the development of Rohanský ostrov, the Prague Institute of Planning and Development (IPR) is preparing a project for a recreation zone to be set up along the Vltava river.

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