Zenklova Street renovations rear completion

Another section of tram track will shut down before the whole street can reopen

Tram traffic between should get back to normal between Palmovka and Kobylisy at the start of September, but not before more temporary changes.

Zenklova Street will reopen to tram traffic Sept. 1 and be completely reopened Nov. 1.

But first, trams between the stops Palmovka and Ke Stírce will be closed starting Friday, Aug. 10, from 12:30 am to Monday, Aug. 20, at 4:30 am.

Traffic has already been limited between Palmovka and Bulovka since January, but the closure of the lines between Bulovka and Ke Stírce is new.

The closure will affect routes of several trams including 3, 6, 10, 14, 16, 17, 24 and 37 as well as the night tram 95.

Substitute bus service X10 and X95 will go between Palmovka and Kobylisy.

The reason is the ongoing renovation of the sewerage and water system, roads, pavements and tram tracks on Zenklova Street.

The renovation of the street was not just for technical reasons but to make the area more livable.

“The demanding and, above all, necessary reconstruction of the main Libeň artery is ending and I would very much like to thank everyone for their patience during its reconstruction. This part of Libeň can now return to life,” Prague 8 Mayor Roman Petrus said on the Prague 8 website.

Prague 8 Deputy Mayor Petr Vilgus said the street was moving from the 1970s to the present. “There will be more trees, the road and the tram line will be much quieter, and sidewalks will be paved with a bright Prague mosaic. The stops are more accessible to children, seniors and people with disabilities,” Vilgus said.

The plan also counts on effects of climate change, Petrus said. “The reconstruction has taken into account in the fight against rising summer temperatures and drought associated with them. Surfaces, especially pavements, have been chosen to slow the drainage of rainwater onto the road and into rain gullies,” Petrus. The walkways are mostly made of light stones in a permeable bed. This allows for the accumulation of precipitation in the joints between the stones and the subsoil base will allow for evaporation.

“Zenklova is a new place for life and business. When the weather allows, trees will be planted where it is technically possible. The new trees will appear on some green areas along the street and in a bend between the crossroads of U Kříže and Vosmíkových streets,” Vilgus said. The places where trees can be planted is limited due to the infrastructure underground, he added.

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