Dvorecký Bridge design selected

The planned bridge would connect Prague 4 and Prague 5

The City Council approved the winning proposal of Dvorecký Bridge, which will connect the banks of the Vltava river between Podolí and Zlíchov. The new bridge should also improve traffic between Prague 4 and Prague 5. The estimated cost of the bridge is approximately Kč 1 billion.

The proposed Dvorecký most (Dvorecký Bridge) would fill the substantial gap between Barrandovský most (Barrandov Bridge) and Palackého most (Palacký Bridge).

Seven design proposals advanced to the second round of selection, and a commission selected the concept by design studios Tubes and Atelier 6.

The proposal is one of several infrastructure projects approved ahead of the Oct. 5–6 municipal elections.

“I myself was a member of the evaluation committee, so I can say that the choice was not easy at all. There were very good suggestions, but I think we managed to make good choices. Of the seven designs, we evaluated the best bridge was by Tubes and Atelier 6 studios. It tries to respect the traditional Prague arched bridges and cubist elements in the neighborhood. I believe that it will relieve not only transport but also enrich Prague's architecture,” Prague Mayor Adriana Krnáčová (ANO) said.

The proposal had to include the design of the new Dvorecký Bridge tram and bus stop, which would be located on the Smíchov side of the bridge. The Dvorecký Bridge stop should also allow for a transfer between buses running across the bridge and trams running along Podolské nábřeží.

The estimated Kč 1 billion costs include both the bridgehead and complete engineering and transportation facilities. “It is a big step for better interconnection of Prague 4 and Prague 5, and it will also provide new possibilities for transport service for the whole area. The selection of the winning proposal is the result of a long series of professional and political negotiations, and the work of many people. Now, the bridge will need to be built as fast as possible to serve the people,” Deputy Mayor Petr Dolínek (ČSSD) said.

The start date of the construction will depend on further negotiations with the winner of the competition and subsequent preparation of the project documentation.

“The Dvorecký Bridge will be of great importance for tram transport as it will allow the interconnection of Prague 4 and Prague 5. It will be followed by so-called southern tram tangents, will connect important tram lines from Barrandov and Modřany and will allow the public transport system to implement some connections outside the traffic congestion the central area of the city, which is a plus for Prague,” architect Roman Koucký from the Prague Institute of Planning and Development (IPR) said. Koucký was also a member of the jury.

This is not the only new bridge under discussion. Others future bridges would connect Karlín and Holešovice and possibly Podbaba and Troja, though a cable care is being considered for the latter route as a faster and cheaper solution.

There are already over a dozen bridges for cars to cross the river, and the Troja Bridge, opened in 2014, is the youngest.

Several existing bridges are also in poor condition and in dire need of repair. The worst is Libeňský most, though the city has not decided whether to repair it or tear it down. 

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