Prague’s incoming coalition presents platform

The three parties that will take over City Hall plan a to build a new bridge

The incoming coalition for Prague’s City Hall presented its program statement for the next four years, with education, transparency and transportation as priorities.

The coalition of the Pirates, Praha Sobě and United Force for Prague plans to build at least one new bridge to address the crisis in poor bridge quality that has been plaguing the city recently and causing traffic problems.

The Pirate party took the second-most seats in the Oct. 5–6 municipal elections, but the Civic Democrats (ODS), with the most votes, lacked coalition partners and has been forced into opposition, along with ANO.

The Pirates have formed a coalition with Praha Sobě and United Force for Prague that has 39 seats in the 65-seat City Assembly. Pirate member Zdeněk Hřib will serve as mayor.

“Our coalition will face many challenges stemming from long-standing problems in Prague. We want Prague to develop, and we want to build in Prague to solve the housing crisis, to plant trees and to solve long-term infrastructure problems,” mayor-elect Hřib said.

Praha Sobě leader Jan Čižinský, who will remain mayor of the Prague 7 district, said he was interested in better communication, especially with the opposition, and in creating consensus.

The United Force for Prague leader Jiří Pospíšil (TOP 09) also stressed the desire for teamwork. United Force for Prague is a coalition of TOP 09, Mayors and Independents (STAN) and the Christian Democrats (KDU-ČSL), which ran together as one group on the Prague ballot.

Pospíšil will continue in his role as a member of European Parliament, and he said will deal with Prague's relationship with the European Union and with EU subsidies.

Incoming City Councilor Adam Scheinherr (Praha Sobě) addressed infrastructure, which he said had been neglected for decades. He says about Kč 20 billion to Kč 30 billion needs to be invested in transport infrastructure. “We want to ensure that our bridges are reliable and that they do not collapse during our administration, and that there is at least one bridge built in the next four years,” he said, adding that plans were ready for the Dvorecký and Rohanský bridges.

The coalition is also getting set to deal with the overpass at the Vltavska metro station, which recently had to be shut down so it could be supported from underneath.

Other transportation priorities are the inner and outer ring roads, the construction of the Metro D line and new tram lines.

The coalition also seeks to streamline government agencies and make them more transparent, to give more money for building schools and for paying teachers, and to plant up to millions of trees.

As previously announced, there will be four deputy mayors: Adam Scheinherr and Pavel Vyhnánek (both Praha Sobě), and Petr Hlaváček and Petr Hlubuček (both United Force for Prague), all of whom will serve on the City Council.

There will also be two more members for each group on the City Council. Vít Šimral and Adam Zábranský will represent the Pirates, while Hana Marvanová and Jan Chabr will be for United Force, and Hana Třeštíková and Milena Johnová for PS.

The program statement will now be presented to the opposition and to the city districts for comments.

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