Smíchovské nádraží to be redeveloped

The plan will preserve the original building and add a modern bus terminal

Prague's Smíchovské nádraží will be transforming in the future as the surrounding area is redeveloped into a new neighborhood. A study by the Prague Institute for Planning and Development (IPR) calls for a bus terminal to be built above and across from the existing train station with a footbridge linking them.

A parking lot and a bus terminal will be built across the street from the location of the current railway station, and the two stations will be connected by two covered walkways above the tracks. Suburban and long-distance bus lines will be served on the roof of the new building and also on top of the rail station.

The current bus terminal at Na Knížecí will be phased out and that site will be developed into a public building with a plaza, but the use of it has not been decided.

Construction will be in three phases.

The existing Smíchovské nádraží will not be torn down. Instead it will be incorporated into the new structure. The building, built in the 1950, will be restored but the stands in front of it will be torn down.

The existing station is home to some significant mid-20th century murals and public art.

This is not the first time an existing building has had a new building built on top of and around it. The New Building of the National Museum, formerly the site of Radio Free Europe and before that the Czech and Slovak Federal Assembly, began as the Stock Exchange in 1938 and had a new steel and glass building built around it in the late 1960s.

The Smíchov City project, which will create a new neighborhood on the site of the former Smíchov freight station, should start construction by the end of this year. Sekyra Group is the developer. The first phase covers 25,000 square meters and includes three separate houses near Na Knížecí bus station. It should be finished in two years.

The entire project will cover 216,099 square meters of land and be completed in 12 to 15 years.

According to Sekyra Group approximately 3,300 residents will be housed in Smíchov City, and it will have 190,000 square meters for services, shops and offices, which will, in turn, provide for 9,000 jobs. 

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