Dejvice rail station contract may be canceled

The SŽDC wanted out of a previously agreed sale because it was ‘premature’

The future of the land at the rail station Praha-Dejvice nádraží is up in the air again. The Railway Infrastructure Administration (SŽDC) wants to withdraw from a contract for the future sale of the Prague 6 station’s land to developer Amádeus Real.

The SŽDC’s current general director, Jiří Svoboda, claims the contract was concluded prematurely and is asking the developer to negotiate a two-way cancellation of the deal.

If the deal is canceled, the land would most likely be used by the state, perhaps for a new building for the National Gallery. It is also needed for future development of a rail tunnel.

“The SŽDC has called on Amadeus Real to withdraw from the contracts without any payment,” Svoboda said, according to media reports. An official response from the developer is expected in the first half of December.

The developer told the press, though, that there is no reason to cancel the deal. In the past, Amadeus Real has insisted that the contract is in order and that they are ready to fulfill all contractual obligations.

If the developer does not want to cooperate with the cancellation, Svoboda said that other steps could be taken, without commenting on specifics. He said he was optimistic that an agreement could be reached.

The purchase agreement calls for the future sale of land to Amádeus Real by 2030 at the latest. The deal was signed by a previous administration at the SŽDC.

The SŽDC at that time made the deal without a public tender. The deal would allow the developer to buy the land in the future for a price based on what land goes for in the surrounding area.

According to Svoboda, the contract for the future land sale was closed without any consideration of projects for which the SŽDC might still need land.

Svoboda added that concluding the contract was premature and did not allow for the market to comment on the land valuation.

He added that the land should be used for social purposes. Land at Praha-Dejvice nádraží and at the adjacent Hradčanská metro station is being considered for a new National Gallery building. The proposed modern structure would be for contemporary art.

The land at Praha-Dejvice nádraží is also crucial to the SŽDC because of the planned rail route from Prague to Kladno. The SŽDC plans to create a tunnel under the land from the Dejvice station to the Nádraží Veleslavín. The exact details of the tunnel are not yet decided.

This route is connected to the plan to extend rail service to Václav Havel Airport Prague.
At the time of the agreement, the SŽDC was seeking to improve its financial condition by getting rid of unnecessary assets.

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