Cars to return to Bubenská Street overpass

Limited traffic will start again but more repair work is needed

A load test at overpass at Bubeneč showed that the cars can return to a limited extent.

The X022 Overpass at Bubenská Street passed a load test on Friday and Saturday, Dec. 14 and 15.

It has been closed since the end of October so it could be temporarily reinforced for safety reasons.

Preliminary test results have shown that it is possible to allow passenger cars up to 3.5 tons on the bridge in a limited mode. Cars should be allowed again within two weeks in a single lane.

At the same time, the bridge must be reinforced in January so that traffic can be restored to a greater extent.

“We had to test what load the bridge would take and how it would behave at a load of 130 percent. The load test, according to the preliminary results of the firm INSET, which carried out the measurements, confirmed that the bridge is ultimately statically supported. In the meantime, we cannot operate it in full. What is important, however, is that at least passenger cars to 3.5 tons will soon return,” Deputy Mayor Adam Scheinherr (Praha Sobě), responsible for transit, said in a City Hall press release.

“All in all, it is not a bridge in the best condition and preparatory work must continue on its final static support. The start of the work is scheduled for January. At the same time, we are working on the idea of revitalizing the whole area around the Vltavska metro, so that people do not have to worry about going under the overpasses so it can be a place where they can live normally,” Scheinherr added.

There are still cracks in concrete on two bridge sections, according to the final report from INSET. The Technical Road Administration (TSK) is still closely monitoring the bridge. Their sudden expansion was the main reason why the bridge was preventively closed at night Oct. 23 to 24.

INSET director Ludvík Hegrlík said the firm recommended supporting two bridge sections. “This support will enable full restoration of public transit and allow the next stage of construction diagnostics,” he said.

The TSK has already chosen a supplier to ultimately provide permanent support for the two bridge sections in January. This will also result in ending limits on tram number 14, which will begins to travel across the Hlávkův most again in both directions.

The test results also brought a very important message to drivers. “The load test showed us how we can at least limit passenger cars to 3.5 tons. First, we need to install permanent monitoring of all cracks on the bridge according to the INSET report. Then we can create a single lane in the middle of the bridge for passenger cars only,” TSK CEO Petr Smolka said.

Attention was drawn to the state of bridges in Prague in December 2017 when a pedestrian bridge leading from Císařský ostrov to Troja collapsed, injuring four people.
A TSK survey after that found that one-fifth of the 700 bridges in Prague were found to be in poor, very poor or emergency condition.

Major bridges in the city that either needs extensive repairs or replacement include Libeňský most and Hlávkův most. A major overhaul of Barrandovský most is also being planned. Most Legií is currently being evaluated.

A total of 130 bridges overseen by the TSK should be repaired or demolished.
The new City Council wants to make infrastructure a priority and plans to spend Kč 10 billion to 12 billion a year on bridges.

In addition to repairing or replacing bridges, they also want to build at least one new bridge in the next four years.

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