Palmovka renovation starting

New paving and benches with plants should make the area more attractive

Construction has started by the tram stop at Na Žertvách Street in Prague 8, near the Palmovka metro stop, as part of the Palmovka 2030 project.

The aim is to cultivate the site with new paving and furniture. The work will take about two months.

The investor is the Technical Roadways Administration (TSK).

The construction site was taken over at the start of February 2019 in the presence of representatives of the Prague 8 district, TSK and developer Inpros Praha, a.s.

Thanks to the work being done in stages, the work will not limit traffic or access to the metro.

The paving and new furniture is paid for from a Prague City Hall subsidy and will come to about Kč 9 million.

The area around Palmovka is gradually changing, with new offices and housing being built nearby, making it a new center for Prague 8.

The Palmovka 2030 project is intended to make the neglected public spaces, including streets and greenery, more dignified to reflect the growing stature of the area.

One of the first steps will be a revitalization of a part of Na Žertvách Street. The surface of the tram stop and its surroundings is damaged and full of potholes.

“The goal is to cultivate a not yet pleasant place in the heart of Libeň, to give it a more pleasant and natural character. The main visual change will be the conservation of the tram stop and the installation of six new furniture elements in Na Žertvách Street and three others in the Palmovka area,” Prague 8 Councilor Tomáš Hřebík (United Force for Prague 8), who belongs to the Prague 8 office of architecture and strategic development, said in a press release.

“The furniture will serve not only for temporary sitting and supporting luggage but will also have an aesthetic function, as it will include plants to brighten the entire area,” Hřebík said. Installation of the furniture is provided by the Environmental Department of the Prague 8 district.

The entire Palmovka 2030 project affects not only residents of Libeň and the surrounding neighborhoods, but also those who work there or just make use of the transfer from the metro to the tram.

“Palmovka’s environment does not really showcase Prague 8 in any way. Thanks to small but significant steps, this situation will slowly change,” Hřebík said.

In autumn 2019, the tram intersection at Palmovka should be modified and become barrier-free.

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