Proposals for Rohan City’s second phase unveiled

A new neighborhood is rising up slowly in the Prague 8 district

Sekyra Group presented proposals the second stage of construction of the Rohan City project in Prague 8.

The second phase should have 400 apartments and 20,000 square meters of office space plus retail space. Obtaining permits to start construction is estimated at three years. The project has the support of the current city administration.

The winning design, selected by a jury, is by Schindler Seko Architects, which will become the chief architects of the second phase. Nine architectural firms participated in a workshop to create proposals.

To make the new urban quarter architecturally diverse, the jury recommended five other architectural studios should participate in the architectural plan. Atelier bod architekti, which won second place and Loxia, which finished third, will work on residential buildings. Chybik + Kristof Associated Architects will also join the team. Administrative buildings will be worked on by Qarta Architektura and A.D.N.S. Production.

The second phase will follow the residential project Port Karolina, which is currently being built by Skanska Reality. The second stage of Rohan City will be closest to the city center.

The expert jury included representatives of Prague Institute of Planning and Development (IPR Praha), architects, representatives of the Prague 8 district and the investor.

The jury said they appreciated the winning plan’s complexity, the integration of the planned bridge Rohanský most into the site, which also in the preparation phase, and the quality of the future environment.

“The proposals in the first two places approached the solution in the same way, raising the terrain of the Rohanský ostrov to copy the level of the future bridge that will connect Karlín with Holešovice. A fundamental shift will be the calming of the embankment Rohanské nábřeží, which will turn from a thoroughfare to an urban boulevard. We expect to present a final study based on the work of five or six selected architects within six months,” Leoš Anderle, executive director of Sekyra Group, said in a press release.

Luděk Sekyra, board chairman of Sekyra Group, said the developer was pleased that the competition brought a solution for integrating the project into the city as a whole. “We approach the development of the Rohanský ostrov area in a responsible urban-building manner, working closely with the City of Prague. Our ambition is to make the newly designed area an integral part of Karlín,” he said.

Michal Sedláček, director of the Brno Municipal Architect's Office and chairman of the workshop jury, said all nine architectural teams presented a quality solution. “Proposals winning the first three places successfully solved the difficult task, which included the relationship to the river, the historical development of Karlín and the planned Rohanský most. In my opinion, the workshop fulfilled the main goal: to create a lively piece of the city with mixed construction,” he said.

Deputy Mayor Petr Hlaváček (United Force for Prague), responsible for territorial development, said Rohan City is an area with huge potential for construction. “I firmly believe that a discussion of architects with an investor, who is inclined to respect the current requirements for creating urban and the public space, will lead to reasonable construction in accordance with the concept of Prague. The bonus is that this project creates the conditions for a new metropolitan park on Rohanský ostrov, which should be a new, beautiful and publicly accessible park that I am looking forward to it very much.

The competition proposals show a new approach, where transport, urbanism and architecture work together toward one goal, and that is the living space for the people who live in it,” he said.

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