Prague moving forward with new bridges

Construction on the planned Dvorecký most could start in 2021

Prague City Hall is dealing with the construction of new bridges. A designer has been chosen for the planned bridge Dvorecký most, which will join Prague’s Podolí and Zlíchov districts within four years. The Prague City Council also approved the selection of a supplier for construction documentation for a footbridge between Holešovice and Karlín.

Architectural firm Tubes / Atelier6 will prepare the project documentation for Dvorecký most. The firm won the previously announced architectural competition with a Cubist-inspired proposal.

“We are one step closer to realization. We will have another cubist bridge,” Prague Deputy Mayor Adam Scheinherr (Praha sobě) said. The city’s other Cubist bridge, 90-year-old Libeňský most, is in a poor state of repair and awaiting renovations.

Dvorecký most should cost roughly a billion crowns. The city will pay Kč 132.72 million for project documentation. This will include the documents for issuing a planning permit and building permit, the company will also prepare documents necessary for a tender for the bridge contractor. Construction should begin in 2022.

Dvorecký most will be used by public transport vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists, but not cars. The project includes the design of a new Dvorecký most tram stop. The Prague 4 side of the bridge is planned next to Žluté lázně by Jeremenkova Street. The Prague 5 side will be near the Lihovar tram stop.

The City Council also discussed a footbridge at Štvanice ostrov to join Holešovice and Karlín. The footbridge should replace the ferry, which now connects the bank of the Vltava River at Pražská tržnice and Rohanské nábřeží.

Deputy Mayor Scheinherr said construction could start in 2021 or 2022 and will cost a maximum of Kč 200 million.

The ferry is popular and has a certain romance, but the bridge will offer a more practical solution, Prague Mayor Zdeněk Hřib (Pirates) said.

Documentation for the construction of the footbridge will be made by Marek Blank, and will provide the city with documents necessary for getting a zoning permit and building permit. Prague will pay almost Kč 30 million crowns for the documentation.

Prague is also considering joining Prague 7 and 8 with the new bridge Rohanský most, and there will be two studies on its location and appearance. The proposed bridge Rohanský most could cost Kč 1.3 billion, according to previous reports. This is in line with other recent bridge projects such as Trojský most, which opened in 2014.

The planned new bridges would relieve traffic on some of the existing bridges, which have been overburdened and are in need of repairs. They would also greatly reduce the commuting time to reach certain parts of the city.

The city is also preparing a temporary bridge on the site of a collapsed bridge between Císařský Ostrov and Troja, near Prague Zoo, to replace the footbridge that collapsed in December 2017.

Planned investments include the construction of a new footbridge in Troja, could cost Kč 90 million. The collapse of the Troja footbridge at the end of 2017 is what brought the state of Prague bridges into the spotlight.

An examination of bridges after the collapse of the one in Troja found that one-fifth of city’s bridges were in poor, very poor or emergency condition.

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