Prague 8 ends contract for Nová Palmovka

The building that was supposed to be the new Town Hall is left unfinished

The Prague 8 Town Hall has withdrawn from a contract with the construction firm Metrostav concerning the construction of the Nová Palmovka center. The reason is the company’s refusal to continue construction, Prague 8 said on its website. The building was supposed to have housed the Prague 8 administration and an emergency services center.

“Metrostav terminated the contract unilaterally in November 2018, before the election of the new Town Hall management. Since then, we have not even seen a minimal effort to cooperate with our city district and fulfill their responsibilities. That is why we had to withdraw from the contract,” Prague 8 Mayor Ondřej Gros (ODS) said.

Prague 8 Councilor Tomáš Slabihoudek said the district has made an effort, but it has not been successful. “Since November last year, we have exchanged countless messages and have had many meetings with representatives of Metrostav. Unfortunately, this has not led to anything, and it is clear that this cannot be continued. Our goal is to solve the situation, not to waste any more time,” he added.

Currently, the management of Prague 8 is preparing alternatives to the Nová Palmovka project, and trying to decide what to do with the incomplete structure.

One option is to sell it. The project was worth Kč 1.1 billion when it was approved in 2010. Completion could cost Kč 600 million to Kč 800 million. The building was designed by Josef Pleskot.

At the March meeting of Prague 8 Town Hall, Mayor Gros said that it was possible to complete the building and lease it or sell it. But the district would have to take out a loan, which he does not support.

Prague 8's previous management after the 2014 elections questioned the ownership of the building, which led to litigation between Prague 8, the City and Metrostav. In the end, the parties agreed that Prague 8 would get the building.

There has been controversy about the project since its start due to a lack of transparency.

Half of the building should have been for the emergency rescue service, the rest should have been the seat of the Town Hall.

Currently, Prague 8’s administration is in 10 buildings at six locations. Many of the buildings are in poor repair and are ecologically inefficient.

Those buildings were to have been sold.

Now the city will have to look for a new place for emergency services.

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