Prague preparing plan for climate change

The city is hoping to make a large reduction in its environmental impact

Prague is preparing a Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plan (SECAP). It will propose concrete measures for the city to meet its commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 40 percent by 2030.

SECAP is a follow-up to the Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy that the city adopted last autumn. Its aim is to reduce Prague’s share in contributing to global climate change. The city must be more resilient to climate change and its development must be more sustainable, a City Hall press release stated.

A working group will be in charge of preparing the action plan and coordinating its individual measures.

“We must significantly strengthen the city's resilience to climate change and reduce our contribution to greenhouse gas emissions. Even the smallest interventions, such as higher grass during dry days, will help. But we also have bigger challenges, such as changing the city's energy concept or moving to the circular economy,” Prague Deputy Mayor Petr Hlubuček (United Force for Prague), responsible for environment and security, said.

The circular economy concept relies on reusing resources to reduce waste and reduce energy expenditures.

The chairwoman of the Prague City Council’s Environment Committee, Jana Plamínková (United Force for Prague), said Prague has a good climate change adaptation strategy and is already taking a number of steps.

“We are renewing and expanding urban greenery, forest parks, revitalizing water areas and increasing landscape retention. The Wild Vltava project on Císařský ostrov or the preparation of the Soutok suburban park are good examples of the fact that the city is not standing still,” she said.

The Environment Committee's deliberations are public, and it is possible to comment on the topics regularly included in the program.

Other city projects include containing rainwater or improving the ability to plant trees in the city. It also includes the current adaptation of grass cutting and greenery to the current conditions of drought. Already in 2017 Prague adopted climate change strategy and approved an energy concept.

The city is currently preparing an update to the Air Quality Improvement Program.
Before the United Nations’ Special Report on Global Warming was published in October 2018, the city was already taking steps and had launched a series of measures aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions, the City Hall press release stated.

The need for a major reduction in the capital's contribution to global climate change, making Prague more resilient to this change and its long-term sustainable development was also noted in a resolution at the Prague City Assembly meeting on April 25, 2019.

The city says the need for action is more serious and urgent than before, in the light of the latest expertise.

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