Prague islands may be revitalized

Rohan Island might become a real island once again and other plans are being examined

Prague's islands are coming alive and will offer new recreation areas and more connections to the mainland by new footbridges, according to several proposals. The planned renovation of Rohan Island (Rohanský ostrov), now on hold, may go forward and the former island, long been integrated into the mainland, may get its island status back.

“The goal is to return the river to the city and to engage the Vltava more into the life of Praguers, so the city does not turn away from river, but everyone will have the greatest benefit from its recreational potential,” Prague Deputy Mayor Petra Kolinska (Green) told the media.

Some islands should have new footbridges, for example joining Císařská louka (Imperial Meadow) to Smíchov, and Štvanice to Karlín and Holešovice.

The reconstruction of Štvanice, however, continues to be a serious concern. None of the restoration projects of the island, which the city held an architectural competition for three years ago, have yet been implemented. One popular draft study involved five different variants.

Prague 7 City Councilor Lenka Burgerová is an advocate of the Štvanice project. The island according to the map is actually part of Holešovice, but has long been treated like a no-man's-land. She wants her district to embrace it as as a recreational space. “For Prague 7, Štvanice is a very important recreational area at the bottom of Holešovice. Regarding the development of the island, we want it to be a welcoming place where you can sit, do recreational sports or have a picnic,” Burgerová said.

Deputy Mayor Kolinska said the plans for the island need to be reviewed and scaled back into something realistic. “The island should undergo a gradual revitalization so that every day it is more attractive,” she said. A natural swimming area would be welcome, she added.

The situation with Rohan Island is more complex, but the city hopes to return the land that was connected to the main part of the city by landfill to its former island status. The plan was previously approved but set aside due to a conflicting plan involving the Libeň Bridge (Libeňský most). The city district is now trying to combine both plans.

Parts of Rohan Island, which are currently overgrown and unkempt, will be turned into a recreational zone. The new park with numerous water features will be separated from the mainland and will constitute a real island, surrounded by water on all sides.

If and when it will happen is not yet clear. Results of a water management survey should be known in September.

Changes for Kampa in Prague 1 are also being contemplated, After the completion of the renovation of the villa of famed actor Jan Werich, the Prague 1 district will consider options for the rest of Kampa Island. Prague 1 Mayor Oldřich Lomecký said a survey will likely take place next year.

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