Water system to shut down in part of Prague

17,000 people in the eastern edge of the city to be affected

The city is going to have one of the biggest shutdown of its water system for many years. Due to the renovation of a water main, water will not flow from 8 am on Aug. 25 to 10 pm on Aug. 29. The shutdown will affect 17,000 city residents in the eastern part of the city. People should stock up on water, the city advises.

It is the largest planned outage in five years, and one of the longest. Usually outages are just for one day. The renovation should fix clogged connections and poor water pressure. The operator of the pipe, the Prague Water and Sewer System (PVK), will spend some Kč 53.8 million.

Usually, the PVK tries to avoid such long shutdowns for a large part of the water system, but no alternative could be found in this case. No similar shutdown is foreseen in the coming years.

The affected areas in the city include Hostavice, Dolní Počernice, Koloděje, Klánovice, Běchovice and Újezd nad Lesy. Some villages outside the city limits will also be affected including Šestajovice, Květnice, Dobročovice, Tuklaty, Rostoklaty, Škvorec, Třebohostice and Stupice-Sibřina.

PVK will provide water by alternate sources to it best ability. “Fifty water tanks will be placed in the streets, according to the requirements of customers. In agreement with the local government we will go to the areas with containers of bottled water,” said PVK spokesman Tomáš Mrázek said on the company website. “Residents are asked to stockpile drinking water during the lockout and avoid unnecessarily wasting it,” he added.

After the main pipe, DN600, is rebuilt, it will be flushed and the water in it will be sampled and analyzed in a lab. Not all of the affected areas are happy about the outage. Residents of Koloděje had a petition against the repairs, but it was unsucessful.

The Town Hall in Klanovice will be closed on Thursday and Friday, and many people in the area planning to leave the district, either to stay with friends or relatives, or go to their rural cottages, according to a Town Hall source. Emergency services will be available and enough water will be ready to handle emergencies such as a fire, according to the Town Hall.

Some businesses are making preparations. One restaurant in the affected area, Počernický Pivovar, is using its steel brewing tanks to hold water so it can remain open, daily Mladá fronta Dnes reported. “Without water we have no chance to open. But since we are a brewery and we have huge tanks. We are putting15,000 liters of water into them,” manager Tomáš Kowalski told the daily, adding that it should be just enough for five days.

Other restaurants are planning limited service, such as grilled items for takeout but will have no seating due to the lack of bathrooms.

A home for senior citizens expressed concern over the length of time but said they thought they could cope, according to the daily. “We provide 24 hour care and hygiene is important,” a spokeswoman told the daily. The swimming pool in Klanovice will remain open.

A map of upcoming water outages including this one can be seen here mapy.pvk.cz

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