Žižkov freight station may become a housing project

Plans to finally develop the disused railway yard are starting to make progress

The area of the currently rundown Žižkov freight station, Nákladové nádraží Žižkov, may be developed into a complex of apartment houses and a park by developer Central Group. The location has not served its original purpose for over a decade. There have been a number of proposals for transforming it, including making a shopping center, but that now seems unlikely.

This week, the territorial development committee of the Prague 3 Town Hall presented two proposals. The Institute of Planning and Development should make a recommendation by the end of the month.

The apartment houses will mostly be between four and seven stories, with some reaching 12 stories, according to Prague 3 Mayor Vladislava Hujová (TOP 09). The project will also have a preschool.

A previous plan had called for buildings up to 17 stories, but the current plan does not have buildings that tall.

The political opposition in Prague 3 is also positive about the proposal. Ondřej Rut, head of the Žižkov (nejen) Sobě party, said that the plan for apartments is better than the previous proposals for a shopping center. He is concerned, though, about the different heights of the buildings and the possibility of extending the project further to Želivského Street.

Prague City Hall is also concerned with how the area will be developed and discussed the topic earlier this month. The Green Party (SZ) is in particular interested in the future of the former freight station and wants a study to be conducted before an architectural competition is held.

Prague 3 Mayor Vladislava Hujová previously said that making an agreement with Central Group for its proposal is mutually beneficial, and that she planned to go ahead with making an sgreement despite some opposition from City Hall. She also added that there had been a lack of progress on the issue at City Hall.

Nákladové nádraží Žižkov opened in 1936 and ceased operations in 2002. The three-winged main station building was named a cultural monument in 2010, and that was confirmed in 2013. The original buildings were designed by Karel Caivas and Vladimír Weiss. The station was also used for warehousing. The current complex has been used on occasion for art and design exhibitions.

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