Koněvova Street to be revitalized

Work on the busy Prague 3 street will start in the spring

The renovation of Koněvova and Husitská streets will start in the spring. The project will finish with the deployment of electric buses on route 207.

The renovation will cover the section from Ohrada to Trocnovská Street, and will take up to two years to complete. The cost of the renovation is estimated at up to Kč 100 million.

Sidewalks will be modified and extended, and parking will be changed so cars no longer obstruct pedestrians. Some crossings will get new lighting.

Railings will disappear and the street surfaces will be modified. Street furniture such as benches will be added, along with more trees.

Cyclists, however, will not get their own lane. The stated reason is that there are other bike lanes nearby such as one through the lower level of Vítkov Hill.

The first steps on the project will include digging up the street to get access to the underground utility lines. After that, the renovation will take place in several stages, and the Prague 3 authorities are currently looking at how to best coordinate the work and also at detour routes. One lane should be open at all times, but to avoid congestion drivers can go through Rohanské nábřeži, for example, to get across town and reach the highway.

The municipal road authority Technická správa komunikací (TSK) is responsible for the project, and all of the necessary paperwork was filed last year.

In an effort to improve the environment, electric buses will be introduced on line 207, which starts in Old Town and later runs for a large stretch of Koněvova and Husitská streets. The installation of charging stations will be part of the renovation.

The changes are intended to make the area more pleasant for residents, which will improve the quality of life and as a result help local businesses, according to Prague Deputy Mayor Petr Dolínek (ČSSD).

The changes in Prague 3 are part of an overall plan to improve the quality of life in the city. Vinohradská Street between Legerova and Jana Želivského is also slated for renovation, with the tram tracks to be upgraded as well. The Prague Institute of Planning and Development (IPR) has a concept plan calling for new tram stops, better street crossings, and more benches, trees, fountains, bike rack and lighting. Work should last until 2020 and cost up to Kč 610 million.

There are also plans this year to renovate Bělohorská Street between Malovanka and Bílá Hora in Prague 6. The city also plans to improve the street connections between Letná and Holešovice in Prague 7. Plans for work on Revoluční Street and Ječná streets are also being developed.

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