Prague 5 is developing plans for its waterfront

The right side of the Vltava is to be made more friendly for tourists and residents

Prague 5 has commissioned a study to revitalize the Smíchov waterfront and downstream area. The study maps out the long-term development of the area for the coming decades.

The Town Hall will be planning the first changes in the coming weeks and is collecting comments from the public on topics such as public transportation.

Prague 5 Mayor Radek Klíma (TOP 09) said the plan creates a vision for Smíchov not only along he Vltava but also for the connected inland areas. He added that the plan was strategic, structured and readable.

The study includes the left bank of the Vltava from Legion Bridge (Most Legií) to Zlíchov, and goes inland as far as Nádražní Street. It also looks at ways to handle the area around the Barrandov Bridge, which is used by homeless people.

Klíma said it focused on all options for the entire area. The study is intended to work together with a memorandum on cooperation on the development of the potential of the Vltava and its surrounding areas in and near Prague.

The study was developed by Atelier 8000, led by architect Martin Krupauer, with input from the Prague 5 Town Hall, other organizations and investors.

“We need to carefully connect tourism with the residential habitat and the business community, which is the foundation of a functioning city. This is the aim of the study,” Klíma said, according to business daily E15.

He added that aside from practical proposals to connect central Smíchov to the waterfront and landscaping to make the area more pleasant, the plan looks a theoretical possibilities for the future. These will only happen if there is political will to implement and finance them, he said.

A previous study looked at the development of the area around the island called Dětský ostrov and Císařská louka. This plan also included a large Ferris wheel on the shore. Prague 5 spokeswoman Helena Šmídová told E15 that the Ferris wheel issue was in the hands of private investors and Prague 5 had taken no further steps on it. Prague City Hall and preservationists in the past have raised objections to the Ferris wheel concept on the ground that it would interfere with the skyline and it was unnecessary as Prague had sufficient tourist attractions.

The right bank of the Vltava, called Náplavka, has already seen significant development and has become a destination for both locals and tourists due to its farmers market and an array of docked boats that serve as restaurants, cafes, bars and art galleries. There are further plans to open up former storage spaces in the wall along the river to be used as galleries and cafes, and the install more benches for people to sit on.

Prague 7 has also expressed interest in developing its waterfront with playgrounds and new trees.

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