DOX's Children's Day has workshops for kids

Experts will guide children on several topics that unleash the imagination

Play a photo thief or detective, animate figures, make illustrations inspired by the Gulliver airship, or customize a watch. DOX's Children's Day will be held on Saturday, July 29 from 2 pm to 6 pm, and will offer creative workshops for children and adults. The workshops are in Czech.

During Saturday afternoon, DOX will have workshops inspired by the current Big Bang Data exhibition and the Gulliver Airship at several locations in the DOX Center of Contemporary Art.

They will offer visitors art materials, techniques, and themes. In addition to experienced lecturers from the DOX Center, workshops will also include lecturers from the film studio Krutón and magazine illustrators from Raketa.

Workshops include:

On the network and in the network
What do kids know about data security? And what do others know about your children due to the data that they or you are releasing into the world? Why is it necessary to have data security when having family fun? Play an artistic game of detectives and thieves using anonymous photo material from the Internet. The workshop will be led by Kateřina Sušková (DOX)

Drawing with Raketa

Mařenka Urbánková, illustrator and animation student at VŠUP in Prague, has been with Raketa magazine almost from the beginning. Illustrate articles, draw jigsaw puzzles, invent games and more. She will lead a workshop on the Gulliver Airship, dedicated flights to the world of imagination. The workshop will be led by Mařenka Urbánková (Raketa magazine illustrator)

Mother has a map

Maps can look different, and the Big Bang Data exhibition contains plenty of them. Maps and art both try to capture the world. And sometimes it's hard to get oriented with either. Make your own map, your own life-size image. The workshop will be led by Monika Svobodová (DOX)

Give the film some juice
You do not see sound in a movie, so you do not think it's a major part of the whole work. Give the film some juice by recording sound effects and giving life to an animated character. The experimental sound and dubbing workshop by Krutón will help you develop your imagination and creativity. The workshop will be led by Tereza Bonaventurová (Krutón)

You have the time
Do you have the time? You can customize a watch. After completing the other workshops, children will have a unique and functional watch after this workshop. These are made of durable material and can be painted and glued. So be careful you do not to come too late and have no time left. The workshop will be led by Klára Domlátilová (DOX)

The day is for “for children from 5 to 99 years of age. Entry for an adult plus one child is Kč 90 and the next child is Kč 60. For reservations and information: [email protected] tel. 295 568 104 or visit (EN)

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