Kids Market for Kids coming in September

Parents can still register for their kids to sell no longer used toys and other items

The Kids Market for Kids will be on Saturday, Sept. 23, from 2 pm to 5 pm at Slovenská 2 in Prague's Vinohrady district. It is organized by League5 Kids Academy, and this year it is taking place on the field outside where the academy is running their training sessions and holiday camps. In case of bad weather, it will be 100 meters up the street inside ZS Slovenska, where it was held last year.

The idea for the Kids Market for Kids came before at the end of last year, when kids start listing the gifts they wish to receive. “We had the idea to teach them to recycle the toys they have before they acquire some new ones. We wanted to make them accountable by preparing the market. They need to select what they wish to sell, and for how much, and negotiate on the day. In addition, we wanted to increase their awareness of other kids who are not as lucky as them socially or physically,” the organizers said.

The organizers added they wish to reduce the children's natural materialistic behavior and teach them the value of what they already have. “Sharing with others is a value that League5 Kids Academy wishes to impart to kids. Last December, we managed to mix kids from different language, culture, and social backgrounds. It was an amazing atmosphere where kids were selling, buying and negotiating in various languages learned at school without adult involvement,” the organizers said. Languages on the trading floor included Czech, English, French, Italian, Spanish and Russian. “In cooperation with Pink Bubble and R-mosty, we managed to collect over Kč 10,000 for families affected by childhood cancer and offer two full vans of toys, books and sport gear for kids and mothers under the protection of,” they said. Pink Bubble is a charitable foundation dedicated to child and adolescent cancer patients. R-mosty provides services to people faced with social exclusion.

For sellers, League5 Kids Academy gives children, with parent's support, the opportunity to sell their toys, books, sports gear — skis, roller blades, jerseys, sport shoes, bikes, skateboards and so on — on a selling spot of two square meters for Kč 100.

Visitors to the Kids Market for Kids pay a Kč 20 entry fee. All the collected money will be donated to Pink Bubble. All the toys, books and sports gear that wasn't sold can be offered to R-mosty and Pink Bubble if sellers do not wish to take it back home. “So in fact, everybody is winning. Your kids are learning to understand the value of money, you can tidy up your house and their room faster, and kids in need are benefiting of your generosity,” the organizers said.

On the day of the market, League5 Kids Academy will sell lottery tickets, coffee, cakes and gifts. All the money collected will be donated as well to Pink Bubble.

To register, you only have to email [email protected] to collect one of the last selling spots.

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League5 Kids market for Kids (Charity event)
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