Czech Republic third-best place to raise a family

A survey balanced relative costs plus the amount of maternity leave in Europe

The We Are Family Index ranked 25 European countries on factors for raising a family. Greece came in at number one, followed by Slovakia and the Czech Republic. Estonia and Poland completed the top five.

The survey was compiled by UK-based Wren Kitchens using data from the OECD, crowd-sourced site Numbeo and other sources.

The index takes into account the maternity and paternity leave, the cost of living, property prices and the cost of childcare.

The Czech Republic did best in the cost of living index, coming in second. It was fourth in paid maternity leave by the length at 28 weeks, and 13th in paid childcare fees as a percent of earnings, at 17.1 percent. It was at the bottom of the chart for paid paternity leave along with six other countries that don't offer it at all.

In terms of paid maternity leave, Greece has the best program while Sweden and Portugal are at the bottom of the list at 24th and 25th place. Sweden overall surprisingly was in 18th place and Denmark, which also usually ranks high on social factors, was in 13th place.

Switzerland came in last place overall and was at the bottom in terms of paternity leave, childcare fees and the cost of living.

The United Kingdom ranked in 16th place, with some of the worst mortgages vs. income prices, and has also been ranked as the second most expensive country for childcare fees.

This report was created as part of the UK-based kitchen design firm Wren Kitchens microsite We Are #Family, where the company has analyzed seven years of social media data to find what “family” means in nine different countries; creating a social snapshot of “family time’” across Europe.

Surveys compiled by companies that don't specialize in statistics should be taken with a grain of salt, though, as the methodology often is not clear or balanced.

Top 10 countries for raising a family:

1 Greece
2 Slovakia
3 Czech Republic
4 Estonia
5 Poland
6 Spain
7 Hungary
8 Finland
9 Germany
10 Austria

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