Prague wants zero tooth decay

A school program is aimed at reducing cavities in children

A new project is aimed at reversing the poor state of dental care among young people in Prague.

City Hall, in cooperation with the Czech Dental Chamber (ČSK), is supporting activities to prevent cavities among children. As part of a new project called ČSK Republic Without Decay, City Councilor Radek Lacko initiated the Czech Green Cross's pilot project called Children's Smile.

The aim of the project is to introduce the school and pre-school children to the principles of proper dental care.

From May 2018 to June 2019, this pilot project will include six Prague primary schools, 18 classes and approximately 443 students. Prague supported this project with a financial amount of Kč 198,000.

Research has shown problems in Czech children's dental care. “According to the latest survey conducted in the Czech Republic in 2008, children have 2.5 times more decayed teeth than children in countries like Switzerland or Finland and Denmark. It is unlikely that the situation has improved significantly since then,” Lacko said on the City Hall website.

Problems in the future can be avoided if attention is paid the problem. Trained instructors will go to selected schools during the following year and give children eight lessons in how to clean their teeth properly.

“The aim of the Children's Smile project is to give children instructions for proper care of their teeth in kindergartens, primary schools and children's homes. This will improve the situation and create prerequisites for healthy teeth in the adult population,” he said.

Within the project, the emphasis is placed on repeated practical training of proper dental cleaning under professional guidance.

“If we want to approach the countries where dental decay almost does not occur, we must start with small children,” ČSK President Roman Šmucler said. This is the objective of preventive programs that the chamber provides support for and gives a professional guarantee.

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