Have Fun with your Kids

Tips for trips with children

Animals, model castles and chateaux, mazes, attractions for children, bobsleigh tracks, and a sweet finish – the best open-air trips for children!

Trips with children should be playful, fun, and no-one should get bored! While you can obviously also visit a zoo, aquapark, castle or chateau, there are many other places to go. Here are some tips for the best places to go and where both you and your children can enjoy yourselves.

Tips for babies and children in prams
Do your children still ride in prams, or are they just taking their first, awkward steps? Then take them to a Czech DinoPark. These fun parks, with life-size models of prehistoric animals in the open air, can be found in Ostrava, Vyškov, Plzeň and Prague, and include refreshments stalls and sandpits with palaeontological playgrounds.

One popular destination for going walks with children is Petřín hill in Prague, with its lookout tower and mirror labyrinth – while children have to enter it on foot, but loads of fun is guaranteed! You’ll also enjoy yourself in the Boheminium Park in Mariánské Lázně, where the paths are lined with perfect miniature models of famous castles, chateaux and other monuments in the Czech Republic – how many of them can you recognise at first glance?

Tips for active children
Is there anything better than a place where children can find lots of attractions in the one spot? If this is the kind of place you’re looking for, take a trip to the Bohemian Paradise, where you’ll find not only amazing rock formations and lots of castles and chateaux, but also the Happy Earth (Šťastná země) complex in Radvánovice, full of fun, environmentally-friendly attractions, climbing-frames, mazes and trampolines. Another fairytale land full of games, fun, trees, animals and childish imagination is the Mirakulum fun and education park in Milovice nad Labem. In Oslavany in south Moravia you can visit the Permonium, a paradise for all children and elves. Get lost in the largest maze in the Czech Republic, made in the form of a system of above-ground mine tunnels! There is also a mine lake, volcano, rope-climbing centre, primeval forest and other attractions.

You can’t go wrong with a visit to a bobsleigh track, either, which you’ll find in Harrachov, Pec pod Sněžkou, Špindlerův Mlýn in the Krkonoše Mountains and Lipno, where, only a short distance from the bobsleigh track, you’ll find another attraction, the treetop walk, which includes a massive tobogan and lookout tower. See what Šumava looks like from above!

Tips for children who like to create and discover things
Go to Ostrá nad Labem for a tour of the Botanicus complex, with its herbal and ornamental gardens. The main attraction for children is the historic arts and crafts village, where they can learn about traditional crafts that formed an essential part of the lives of our ancestors, but are now slowly being lost. Children can see tinkers, potters, rope-makers, soap-makers and candle-makers at work. A variety of interesting events also take place here every weekend in the summer.

Learn about the mysteries of gingerbread production at the Gingerbread House near Pardubice. See how traditional gingerbread delicacies are made in the hunting-lodge that really looks like the fairytale gingerbread house and take a walk through the fairytale forest. You’ll also find out about the different versions of the fairytale about Hansel and Gretel in many different countries and that the house isn’t always only made out of gingerbread, but of biscuits, cakes (Czech-style koláče), lollipops and ice cream.

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