Maly pan (The Little Man) embarks on a major film trip, the first teaser is out

A new full-length puppet movie Maly pan (The Little Man) is coming to Czech cinemas in the middle of May

The movie is directed by Radek Beran, who stands behind the well known theater group Buchty a Loutky. The story is based on the book The Big Journey of Little Man by Lenka Uhlirova and Jiri Stach and it shows children that there are more important things than money and property in our life.

After a long time, we will be able to watch a screened puppet film, shot with an unconventional technique. "Although this is technically and technologically one of the most challenging projects we have ever worked on, we would like to actually show real puppets in the movie. The puppets will be moving in front of a camera together with real wires controlling their heads and threads on the hands and feet," says director Radek Beran.

What is also unusual is that almost the entire film was shot outdoors, mostly in the South Bohemian forests, but also in a quarry near Nove Straseci. Visual appearance of the puppets and props were all created by artist František Antonín Skala, son of the famous sculptor František Skala. It took him almost a year to get all the puppets ready and not without difficulties. The Little Man must be neither young nor old, neither handsome nor ugly. The visual appearance is precisely the reason the fairytale will be so exceptional. 

Why has The Little Man embarked on such a journey? He woke up one morning with a strange feeling that he was missing something in his life. So he decided to leave his home. On his journey, he will have to overcome fear, to solve a couple of difficult tasks but mainly to finally get to know himself. And as it happens, what he is looking for the most is actually right in front of him. The Little Man movie is not about the meaning of life. It's about a little person who struggles to secure his life with things that are necessary to have but also with thinks one needs to simply have fun.

"The main idea is to remind people, children especially, of the magic puppet world through camera lenses. We want to introduce the unique Czechoslovak puppetry school, not only here in the Czech Republic but also abroad, where our Czech puppets are known for their quality and creativity," says the film's producer Jakub Cervenka.

Puppets are dubbed by famous actors such as Sasa Rasilov, Tana Vilhelmova, Pavel Liska or Miroslav Taborsky. "The offer to cast the role of The Little Man has made me really happy. It's absolutely incredible thing and a matter of heart for me," says Sasa Rasilov.

Premiere: May 12th, 2015

Picture by Alzbeta Jungrova

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