Tips for trips with children

Entertaining children is sometimes pretty hard work. But our tips will help you!

Amusement parks, interactive gaming, educational expositions – the range of activities in this area is really extensive. The experiments will definitely not just appeal to children but also adults.

Where to go with kids for science?
Techmania Science Center in Plzeň is one of the most famous centers for children in the Czech Republic. The Center is newly expanded and in the new interactive exhibits, clubs and workshops you'll experience firsthand all sorts of physical laws. The largest 3D Planetarium in the whole Czech Republic is also situated on the premises! You'll get to know the universe really thoroughly through the three-dimensional projection. Thanks to Techmania, your kids will get to learn that physics, astronomy and mathematics are not boring at all.

The iQpark in Liberec is part of the Centrum Babylon complex. Children get acquanited with science in an entertaining way. Thanks to hundreds of interactive exhibits, they get to try out many experiments. For example, the expositions Human senses, Nanofibers, Natural laws or Games and brain teasers are prepared for children in the four floors of the centrum.

Look up to the stars and beneath the ground
The Observatory and Planetarium in Brno opened a new digitarium last year. It is one of the most modern, so-called hybrid planetariums in Europe. This unique facility goes beyond traditional ideas about the possibilities of audiovisual creations and exceeds the expectations of most visitors. The unique facility allows you to "fly" through the universe or display the surfaces of cosmic bodies.

You can spend the whole day in the Ostrava complex Landek Park with extensive mining expositions. Get to know the path of miners from their arrival to the pit, the unique mining in the former Anselm mine, as well as the individual work activities in the mine.

Fun in Nature
The magic Prague ZOO is situated in a hilly and wooded area of the city. Forbes magazine, rated it as the 7th best zoo in the world in 2008. The zoo is situated on 60 hectares, of which 50 hectares make up the animal expositions. It currently boasts 670 species and almost 5 thousand animals. Children will certainly not be bored in the new Indonesian jungle pavilion where they will even find the endangered Komodo dragons, or in the Bird wetlands, the Water world with its rare Indian gavials or in the newest Valley of the elephants with a large elephant herd and a pavilion of hippos. However, the most popular is the Prague gorilla family, whose restless offspring descendants are loved by all who see them.

Children love Dinoparks, which can already be found at five places in our country, in Prague, Ostrava, Pilsen and Vyškov. These parks offer fun and education for the entire family. Thanks to the 3D cinemas, you'll probe into prehistory really thoroughly.

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