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Andrew and Johan are two sports fan passionate about football, fair play and child development. Both are strong believers in the benefits of futsal for kids, they wanted to share their passion and international experience with all the boys and girls living in Prague. They wish to bring joy, football skills and values to each of the kids joining their Academy.

League 5 Academy’s trainer is Andrew Argent. A French semi-professional football player, Sparta Praha futsal player and was a professional freestyler in France, Andrew gained his experience creating futsal camps and events with world class athletes such as: Zinedine Zidane, Tony Parker, Sean Garnier...

Johan is a passionate father that enjoys watching his kids partaking in sports, growing-up around other kids and expanding their self-confidence in a multinational and multicultural environment. 

Why did we create it?

League5 kids Academy was created as we realized that this model of activities was missing in Prague. Firstly, Expat children couldn’t easily practice football/futsal in a Czech club without the knowledge of the local language. On the other side, many Czech kids are only exposed to other languages in the strict “classroom” situation.

Secondly, football is everywhere and requires numerous training sessions per week with a game during the weekend. Futsal & freestyle are not so present and it is our expertise. Futsal is really similar than the football they are playing in their school yard, garden or at the playground of their neighborhood.

Finally, we both have a strong multicultural background and it is really cool to feel comfortable anywhere in the world. We want to prepare the kids to have that ease around other languages and cultures in and out of Czech Republic. This is the best way to build an open-minded society for our youth.

After sharing this idea with other parents in our network, we researched some locations, approached a few partners and schools and eventually decided to start the ball rolling for the 2015/2016 season.

What is important for us?


They are the pillars of our kids Academy.

For us, the most important thing is that there are smiles on the kids’ faces, their happiness during our training sessions and at the end of them.

Seeing them improve their skills Sundays after Sundays is also a key factor.

What makes us think we will succeed?

Success will be when the “shy ones”, Will increase their communication with us as the weeks move on and when the kids begin speaking in another language other than their own.

Having big clubs knocking at our door to scout our kids will be flattering for us but it is not part of the contract that we wish to have with the parents when they bring us their young champs. Having parents recommending us to other parents is more what we qualify as a success.

The best definition of success for us is when our kids bring us their friends because they enjoy our style, the atmosphere we are creating for them around futsal and that they believe their friends should know it as well.

Who could be interested in our Academy?

All girls and boys based in Prague between the age of 4 and 12.

They can be local, expats, temporary visitors.... They need to understand French, Czech, Spanish, English or Italian and they need to be curious about all of the languages their friends might speak. Our staff speaks these five.

They can be total beginners in sport or already playing in some clubs.

They can come every Sunday or as often as they can if their cottage or ski slopes are calling them.

They must bring smiles, be prepared to sweat and have some discipline. We will cover the fun, cool new skills and a basis to build their memories.

League 5 Academy Kids Academy

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