Enjoy Pilsen with your Children

You can Enjoy Pilsen even on Rainy Days

Even though the summer holiday is over the city of Pilsen provides entertainment for the whole family. Therefore, if a part of your family wishes to enjoy the beer celebrations, there is still a colourful programme prepared for your children and they will probably not want to go home. For example, since the middle of August 2015 the Pilsen area of the DEPO2015 is the place where children dreams come true and you can travel in time and through the entire Europe. Thanks to the interactive exhibition The Time Machine the small visitors can explore a number of things which they so far only heard about or read about in an encyclopaedia. In the primeval ages they can experience a mammoth hunt, the ancient time provides the opportunity to become a rich townsmen as well as a slave and learn about Greek and Roman gods. The dark Middle Age hides the fun into various knight fights and tournaments and princess liberation. The children can try on various time-appropriate costumes and props. One part of the exhibition is devoted to the war conflicts in the 20th century or to the atmosphere of fear during the period of communism which is symbolized by a watch tower of the secret police. It does not matter if your children are 3 or 15 years old, everybody will have fun.

Another place which provides a programme for the whole family for rainy days in Pilsen is the science centre Techmania which is located in the former factory tower of the Skoda plants. Apart from the long-term exhibitions and modern 3D planetarium Techmania invites you to the new exhibition called Under the Sea Level. This exhibition teaches its visitors in a funny way about various influences and processes which are hidden to people by the sea level. You can try to create waves, whirlwinds or tsunami and also experience how difficult it is to control a ship in the canal locks or to escape a sinking ship.

Pilsen Zoological and Botanical Garden is a place worth of visiting any time of the year as this place is considered to be one of the most beautiful zoos in the Czech Republic. The premises of the zoo are not far from the city centre in the lovely area of the Mze River and a rocky landscape nearby. The zoo is a home for more than 1000 species which you can observe thanks to the natural landscape barriers in their natural habitat without any cages and glass walls. Nevertheless, this is not true about the newest part of the zoo which is the exhibition of the most poisonous snakes of the world. Another place which provides interesting exhibitions and at the same time you can play with the exhibits is the Puppet Museum.

For more information about DEPO2015 go to www.depo2015.cz
For more information about Techmania science center go to www.techmania.cz

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