Summer camps or “letní tábory” in Prague (and beyond)

Sports, arts, science & outdoor camps to keep your child entertained while you’re at work

Summertime can be a kid’s best friend. For a child or a teenager, there are few things in life finer than having an extended break from the responsibilities of school life – no homework to do or tests to study for, no alarm clock morning wake ups or school lunches to complain about. There’s no limit to the amount of fun that can be had during long summer days, when each day stretches out like an empty canvas waiting to be filled – whether it’s an overnight trip, an afternoon at the local pool, a walk in the woods or a week spent at an outdoor camp learning a new skill.

Yet, for parents, having a child (or children) out of school for two months at a stretch can be a hassle. Figuring out what to do with your kids while you’re at work, leaves many a parent wishing for a simple blueprint for a happy summer.

If you’re interested in organized summer fun, here are a few suggestions of summer camps (or “letní tábory” in Czech) to keep your children satisfied and you worry-free.

Day Camps in Prague

League 5 Football, Futsal and Freestyle Academy Summer Camp – in English/Czech/French

League 5 Academy is a new sports academy in Prague that specializes in teaching basic football skills to children in the languages of English, Czech and French. They offer year-round Tuesday and Sunday training as well as a multi-sports summer camp. In addition to football, children can practice sports activities such as climbing, softball, swimming, freestyle football, dodge-ball, handball, trampoline, beach volleyball, ultimate Frisbee and football golf. Maximum capacity is 20 kids.

Location: Slovenska 3, Prague 10
Dates: August 8 – 12 & August 15- 19, 8:00- 17:00
Cost: 3 900 CZK (3 500 CZK if already a League 5 member) *includes lunch & all extra activities
Age: 5-12

Minecraft Adventure Camp – “The Best of Both Worlds”

For gamers who like the idea of spending one-half of their day learning Minecraft tricks (mods, texture packs, maps and more) from an expert and the second half of their day testing their own physical adventure skills at high-adventure sites around the city, the Minecraft Adventure day camp provides both in a child-friendly environment. Non-computer physical activities include practice on a climbing wall, a Mind Maze, self-defense training, a high ropes course and freestyling it at Kolbenka. Camp is suitable for English and Czech speakers.

Location: ZŠ Na Smetance, Na Smetance 1, Prague 2
Dates: July 25-29 & August 1-5
Cost: week session - 3,750 CZK (850 CZK/day) *Does not include lunch or snacks
Ages: 6-11, 12-15

Goldlife Summer Sports Day Camps – Gymnastics, Arts & Crafts, Multi-Sports

Goldlife is a Prague-based organization started in 2009 by expats mothers balancing career demands with raising a family. In addition to organizing year-round sports clubs for children as well as providing family support services (babysitting, birthday parties, career planning & more), Goldlife also runs a series of summer camps.

The Goldlife summer day camps in Prague are offered in the disciplines of gymnastics and arts & crafts (with half-day sessions in one discipline possible) or multi sports, including ball games (basketball, volleyball, football), tennis, athletics, gymnastics, swimming, high and low ropes and climbing.

Dates: Gymnastics / Arts & Crafts 20.6 - 24.6, Multi Sports Camps - 4.7. - 20.8.
Locations: Prague 6 (SK Hradcany, ABC Activity, Riverside International School)
Cost: Full day - 4 900 CZK, Half day - 3 900 CZK (only Gymnastics & Arts & Crafts)
Individual days: Full day - 1 200 CZK, Half day - 1 000 CZK (only Gymnastics & Arts & Crafts)
*Prices include lunch and snacks
Contact: Renata Ljunggren at [email protected]

Věda nás baví or Science is Fun – Budding Scientists & Experimenters

This popular afterschool science club offers summer day camps at various elementary schools across the Czech Republic. The club runs Czech versions in many larger Czech cities, while in Prague and Brno special English versions led by English-speaking instructors will also be offered. The week-long programs will explore the themes “Is the Earth round?” and “Science over the last century.” Daily activities include planning and conducting scientific experiments, taking excursions to scientific centers and exhibitions and playing physical games. It is possible to attend several one day sessions or to have the full week experience.

Dates: Camps held every M-F months of July-August, 7:30 – 16:00
Locations: Prague & Brno (Czech elementary schools)
Cost: full week 3 475 CZK (in English), 800 CZK/day *includes lunch and 2 snacks, excursion tickets & materials, full week in Czech in Prague circa 2 875 CZK
Age: 6-12 (recommended for children after first grade)

Muddum Art Center – Calling All Artists to Explore “Mama Africa”

Muddum Art Center is a community art space in Prague 7 that offers year-round art classes and weekend workshops for adults and children. Every summer Muddum organizes summer camps that combine art activities with outdoor play in nearby Letna Park and excursions in Prague. Previous summers have included trips to the ZOO, Prague National Museum, Naprstkovo museum and Prague’s Sea World. This year’s theme is “Mama Africa” which will explore African culture and nature. See their website for pictures from Summer Camps 2015/2014.

Website: (Click on Kids Summer Camp 2016)
Dates: August 1-5 & August 8-12, 10:00 – 15:00
Location: Kostelni 24, Prague 7
Cost: 500 CZK/day, 2 200 CZK/week, 3 900 CZK/two weeks
Age: 5+

Class Acts Summer Camp – Join a Publishing House (Make & Print a Newspaper)

Class Acts is an organization started by three parents of bilingual children in 2006 that offers support for bilingual and multilingual families in Prague. Class Acts runs a variety of year-round programs in English themed in art, language, theater, history and outdoor play. This year’s summer camp will transform Class Acts into a newspaper publishing house. Each day of the camp will focus on different sections of a newspaper such as News, Sports, Travel and Weather. Children will write news articles, interview news celebrities, travel around the world to holiday destinations and work as food critics. Excursions out of camp include a trip to the printing exhibition in the National Technical Museum and a visit to an editorial office. The camp will be led by Katerina Gacek (Kindy and Bohemian Bilinguals teacher), Blanka Křivanková (journalist, theatre critic) and Peppur Chambers (actor, play writer, novelist).

Dates: July 11 – 15, 8:30 – 17:00
Location: KC Prádelna, Prague 5
Cost: 3 500 CZK (including lunch and snack by Ecolandia)
Age: 6-12

Prague British School Summer Fun – Playtime in English 
Prague British School offers “Summer Fun,” a two-week day camp held in mid-August on the school’s campus. At the camp, children can develop new skills, boost their self-esteem, speak English and make new friendships. Children do not have to attend PBS in order to enjoy the summer camp. Camp leaders will provide active, varied fun with new activities and different experiences for each day of the week. Campers can join for one day, one week or attend the full two weeks. 
Dates: August 8 – 12 & August 15-19, 8.30 – 17:00
Location: PBS Kamýk, K lesu 558/2, Prague 4
Cost: 1 000CZK /day *includes lunch & snacks 
Discount: For families with more than one child enrolled 400CZK /day (2nd child) & 300CZK/day (3rd child)
Age: 4-11

Overnight Summer Camps

For older children or for adventurous kids who’d like to experience the rich tradition of “letní tábory” as weeklong (or more) overnight camps held in Czech nature, there are possibilities ranging from holiday camps in English, camps where both English & Czech are spoken and traditional Czech summer camps.

Czech “letní tábory”

These overnight summer camps are usually a throwback to a simpler way of life, including outdoor activities, such as camping, swimming, fishing, hiking, canoeing, cooking outdoors and studying basic forest life. Some camps are themed on the American Indian traditions with names like El Dorado. Other specialized overnight camps are horseback riding or sports camps. Children often sleep in small groups in rustic cabins or tents that they set up themselves. Prices for these camps are low to moderate, depending on the length of the camp (some run in three-week sessions) and the quality of the facilities. In addition to gaining outdoor living skills, children are also expected to become more independent and self-sufficient during their tábor stay.

Website: Online catalog of Czech tábory

Eurocamp – An outdoor summer camp (with a focus on English)

In their 11th year running as Eurocamp (and with previous 22 years leading the English 4 You and Summer Time camps), this well-known organization offers a multicultural environment for children from different backgrounds. Campers come together to enjoy nature, participate in traditional outdoor camp activities, improve their English language skills and become more independent. The camp uses English as its international language (although Czech is also spoken). It is equally geared toward non-native speakers who’d like to improve their English language skills as well as native English speakers who’d like to make friends from different countries. The camp is located in an idyllic setting in South Bohemia and has small cabins for sleeping, a large central building for meals and indoor activities and spacious grounds for outdoor exploration. Situated near the Lužnice River, water activities include canoeing, boating and swimming. Sessions run every 10 days throughout the summer.

Dates: Six 10-day sessions running from July 1 to August 31
Location: South Bohemia in a valley between Tábor and Bechyně
Cost: 198 Euros/session
Age: 7-16 (geared toward children with a basic understanding of English as well as native English speakers)

Goldlife Adventure Sports Camps – Fun Away from Prague

Goldlife runs summertime adventure sports camps. This year’s camp is located in the Jizersky Mountains. Expect a week filled with outdoor sports activities, including rock climbing, high and low rope courses, rafting, canoeing, biking, swimming and orienteering. Additional activities include treasure hunts, geo caching, scouting and evening campfires.

Dates: July 11-15 & August 8-12
Location: Start: Riverside School by coach to Korenov, Penzion Tucnak
Cost: 5 900 CZK/week
Age: 7-14
Contact: Renata Ljunggren at [email protected]

Carlsbad International School Summer Camps – English, Film, Tennis, Golf

Camp Carlsbad is an upscale international summer holiday camp in Europe for older youth. Using the facility of the Carlsbad International School, the summer camp programs are divided into English language instruction, filmmaking (to coincide with the Karlovy Vary Film Festival), tennis (taught by professionals from the Gejzír Tennis Club) and golf (in partnership with the Háje Golf Club using the city’s numerous golf facilities). Overnight campers sleep in dormitories on the campus. Each program includes field trips to Prague and other Czech cities during the session.

Dates: July 3 – August 7 (week long sessions)
Location: Carlsbad International School, Karlovy Vary, CZ
Cost: 395 Euro/week (day camper), 495 Euro (Extended), 895 Euro/week (boarding)
Age: 10-16

Other Summer Activities in Prague

Neighborhood leisure centers for children and youth in Prague (Pražských domů dětí a mládeže or DDM for short) offer a multitude of year-round leisure activities at reasonable prices for children and youth in the Czech Republic. Each district in Prague has its own website with cultural activities, courses, events and camps. Although speaking Czech is beneficial for these classes, children who've been exposed, even moderately, to the language could participate in one of these fun summertime activities.
Check your nearest DDM for summer time day camps.

Summer Camps:

Letní Letná, which is held annually the last two weeks in August in Prague's Letna Park, is another a popular international theater and circus festival with special shows and activities for children. It is a great way to close the summer with a bang.


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