Tennis Camp for children of all ages and abilities

Carlsbad International School offers the tennis programme in co-operation with TC Gejzirpark Karlovy Vary

Tennis Camps in Karlovy Vary teach children of all levels and different ages the true love of sport and also teamwork. Carlsbad International School offers the tennis programme in co-operation with TC Gejzirpark Karlovy Vary from 3rd July to 7th August 2016.

Head Coach Tomáš Růžička says: “We have children aged 6 to 16. We work with absolute beginners, intermediate and relatively advanced players from the Czech Republic but also from the countries, such as UAE, Germany or Kyrgyzstan. Our team of coaches also accepted the unique opportunity and challenge to include handicapped children this summer. First, we worried a bit, but Lukáš proves to be great inspiration for us and all the children. He exemplifies a motto we teach often in tennis: You will earn what you invest. He works really hard on the tennis court and he became very respected by the other kids. At present he is fully integrated into our tennis team.“

And Lukáš had many positives to say about Camp Carlsbad: “I am very happy to have the opportunity to be here. During the first week I took the English course because I wanted to improve my English knowledge, which is not sufficient for my future education goals. We were divided into two small groups and practiced conversations a lot. During my second week, I focused on the Tennis training. Tennis is my favorite sport although I also go swimming, biking and I sometimes do Alpine skiing. Our tennis day starts with a warm-up, then we practice various strokes. After the lunch at CIS and a short warm-up we work on our individual techniques. The coaches have helped me improve not only strokes but also my overall body coordination.”

On Friday, 8th July the Camp patron Petr Pála visited Karlovy Vary and practised with campers. Referring to his meeting with Mr. Pála, Lukáš added, “It was a great surprise, almost unbelievable. I had a chance to play with him and he advised me on movements, for instance. So I am very grateful that he joined us last Friday.”

Camp Carlsbad offers Tennis camps, English courses, Golf and Filmmaking until 7th August. Parents can learn more about this international summer programme in Karlovy Vary at or write to

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