Toddler’s Day presents preschool options

Parents can find out about where to take their kids at a daylong fair

TJ Sokol Královské Vinohrady will be hosting Toddler’s Day on Saturday, Feb. 25, from 10 am until 3 pm. Participating families can expect a fun-filled day with activities for children while receiving information from various participating preschools. Furthermore, guest speakers will be on hand to talk over the benefits of learning English from a young age.

The idea came about when Andrea Hynes was being repeatedly asked for recommendations for preschools and began thinking of a solution.

“After seeing many requests for information on Facebook and Prague.TV, my business partner and I started thinking about organizing some sort of preschool fair, where families could meet more preschools in one place,” she said.

“From my personal experience I know it can be quite a lengthy process to choose a suitable preschool for your child, and you cannot beat the personal contact. Some preschools may give you an excellent impression on their website, however when you meet them, you realize their priorities are different from yours.”

The event is intended for the whole family. Children can try lots of different activities from testing some Montessori toys, driving a nail into a stump, drawing using various materials, building Lego with Bricks4Kids and much more. Toy store Hamleys will also be bringing their Bear and Princess for children to take photos with. While the children are being entertained, the parents can receive information from various preschools from all parts of Prague.

One of the key elements of the event is the introduction of the English language into children’s lives from an early age, something Hynes feels strongly about.

“In my opinion, today’s generation of children will all need to speak English as a second language,” she said.

“The world is getting smaller and English is an international language. Parents ask me when their child should start learning English, my advice is as soon as your child shows an interest in other languages.

“This is usually between the ages of 3 and 4. Children start watching cartoons in all sorts of languages and start noticing the difference between their mother tongue and foreign language,” she said.

Another reason to attend is the contribution of guest speakers

“One of the speakers is Petra Vojtová, who writes a blog about bringing up a bilingual child in a Czech family ( The other guest speaker is Lenka Šůnová, who holds a franchise for Helen Doron English courses ( She will talk about the scientific research in teaching children English at young age and how it affects and develops their brains,” Hynes said.

Entry for the event is free, however you need to register at for your free invitation. At the event the organizers will ask for a voluntary donation to support the project Santa for the Whole Year, organized by charity Zajíček na koni, which helps families in need.

“Any voluntary entrance fee collected at Toddler’s Day will be donated to this charity and to selected families who are part of this project. Also all profits made at the refreshment stand by AdAstra Café, who is part of this charity, will also go directly to this project,” she said.

“Just come along and have fun, you might learn something new or meet someone interesting or even get to know some more preschools in your area and schedule an individual meeting,” she added.

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