The thunderstorm again led to destruction in the affected regions

In tornado-hit villages, a storm today tore seventy tarps from dilapidated houses that protected them from further damage. The heavy rains have also caused damage to the area affected by the tornado, albeit incomparable with the disaster of the previous week.

“We have information that improvised tarpaulins have been torn off on seventy rooftops. Most of them have already been repaired, according to the Governor of the region Jan Hrolich. Rescuers feared the flood of warehouses with humanitarian aid, but the water did not penetrate inside.

Now 150 houses are being prepared for demolition. And their number will grow. The statics will check at home by the end of the week. Firefighters want to start an organized demolition next week. “By the end of this week, we want to clear the urban areas of municipalities from the remains of beams and rubble,” said the head of regional firefighters Jiři Pelikan. They want to concentrate the rubble in three places, working in multiple shifts.

Firefighters also secured containers for organic waste, including dead animals. Soon after the accident, firefighters had to deal with, for example, the elimination of 190 dead bulls on one of the farms.

About a thousand homes were left without gas in the region after the hurricane. Municipalities will need temporary transformers in the coming days. “Gas stoves were in great demand. They are available and will be delivered to individual villages today. When we need something, we report it to the media. For the rest, we have practically everything we need, ”the governor emphasized.

Also, there is a massive cleaning of the surrounding villages. According to the regional administration, the help of volunteers will be useful in this case. Thousands of them are likely to travel to the districts, aided by extended weekends. The guide calls on the assistants to come to Hodonin and Břeclav. The buses will pick them up from there. “We want to improve the system significantly. A huge influx of people is expected, but there is work for everyone,” Hrolich said.

The aftermath of the tornado also complicates the work of South Moravian firms. Some companies regulate the opening hours. They give employees a day off to clean up damaged homes. In the Moravia press printing house in Břeclav, about 40 people have suffered from more than two hundred, and 55 people are on vacation at Gumotex. “Fortunately, we have no fatalities or serious injuries, but we have families that have lost almost everything. We have announced a public fundraiser to support them and give employees time off. We work around the clock, so we have to work in shifts. The rest work overtime, and I met with great understanding from their side,” the director of the company, Jiři Myšik said.


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