How to choose an apartment

Are you looking for a new apartment for rent? What are the facts you should consider? What should you be careful about? Here are few things and tips!

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Consider a location

It is important to consider the distance of the location from school or work, also consider how you will spend your free time; if you will go out at night, go to the gym, etc. Also take into account public transportation lines, traffic, and safety.

Luxury or saving some money?

When searching for an apartment you must remember; you pay for what you get. You may have to sacrifice a newly reconstructed apartment to save on rent, or acknowledge you will pay more for reconstructed apartments.

Furnished or unfurnished apartment?

You will have to decide if you want your apartment to come furnished, or you will furnish it yourself. The difference is in the price of rent (1 500 – 6000 CZK a month) Often unfurnished apartments will have a kitchen corner equipped with oven/cooker, and many times a fridge and freezer. The furniture is your responsibility and choice.

The market for furnished apartments is growing, and you can often find apartments with washing machines, tables, wardrobe, beds, etc. In some cases there are apartments with more than the standard furnishing, such as, TVs, kettles, dishes, dishwasher, etc.

Depending on what you get, rent and security deposits are priced accordingly.

Security deposit

Security deposits are often one or two months rent. The security deposit purpose is to guarantee the landlord will not lose out if there are damages to the flat, or you leave without notice.

Time period of a rental contract

Make sure you understand the length and terms of your rental contract, especially how it ends. Some contracts are for a specified time, some are unlimited. It is important you specify if you do not want to extend your contract, because landlords will automatically extend its length otherwise.

It is important you notify your landlord 3 months in advance with a written and signed letter of termination of rental contract in the case of unlimited rental agreements.

Rent and utilities

Generally the price of rent is clear, but problems start when utilities and energies are not understood. It is important you understand if these bills are included in the rent, paid additionally through your landlord, or transferred to your name and paid directly by you.

Common utilities and energies to be paid include; gas, electricity, Internet, water, common places, insurance, etc.


Landlords understand they have to offer reasonable and average prices to be competitive, therefore, prices are generally fair. Regardless, don’t hesitate to check out similar apartments in the neighborhood to be sure you don’t overpay.


I hope that all tips and recommendation were useful for you. We wish you a good choice while choosing a right apartment to rent for you!

For more detailed information on each part, and more special tips from the team on how to choose an apartment, please read the whole article here – How to choose an apartment for rent.

Author is CEO and co-owner at agency which provides complex services for foreign students and expats, starting with apartment rentals, insurance, transportation etc.

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