The real estate sales in the Czech Republic are speeding up

Home Staging helps real estate owners prepare their property for sale

In the past year, a new kind of service called Home Staging, has developed in the Czech Republic. This kind of service is well known to people living outside of our country, but here, in Czech Republic, is quite new.  Home Staging has been introduced to us by a company called Residence Visage ™, with an origin in the United Kingdom. „Our head mentor, Jane Ringe, has been successfully providing a Home Staging service in the Great Britain“, says Jana Rybínová, the project manager of Residence Visage in the Czech Republic.

„Today, we are mostly dealing with real estate properties which have been unsuccessful on the real estate market. The real estate owners are slowly starting to realize that it is important to prepare your property for sale with a professional presentation. This has a great impact on the price of the property and also speeds up its sale. For the time being, the Home Staging service in Czech Republic has not expanded as much, as we can see in other countries.  However, our results speak for themselves. After Home Staging realizations, an apartment has been sold in three days and a house just in three weeks, without any price decrease. There is no other service on the market that could achieve that“, adds Jana Rybínová.

Tha main goal of Home Staging is to speed up the real estate sales and to freshen up the real estate market. We emphasize on the preparation of the property for its sale or rent, followed by its professional presentation. „The basic idea of Home Staging is to get attention of as many people possible in the shortest time possible. We can achieve that with the best quality photographic presentation of your property's interior. In just 30 seconds, the buyer decides whether he or she buys the real estate property or not“, says Jana Rybínová. The seller needs to realize, that not everything he or she finds pleasant as a decoration for his or her own interior, can be pleasant for the new owner as well. With these simple details in mind, you can definitely speed up the sale of your property. It is necessary to remove all personal objects, such as souvenirs and photographs from family vacations, add more natural light to each room and perform a few simple, but necessary changes to the interior.

Another goal of Home Staging is to present the wide space which the real estate property has to offer, and to remove all unnecessary and excessive objects. A great deal of success in the real estate sales after Home Staging is the professional photographic presentation. This is due to the fact that the main market showcase for real estate is the internet.

„The Czech real estate sellers are specific in a way that they try to sell their property on their own, not through real estate agency. They don't realize, that the photographs of their interior should be done with a professional photographer, and mainly, that the interior should be professionally rearranged, otherwise you are prolonging the time of the property's sale. The client never returns to a property which has not caught his attention at first sight“, says Jana Rybínová, the project manager at Residence Visage.

It is important that your real estate property is cleaned and tidy. The client also senses the pleasant (or unpleasant) smells and scents. For example, if he smells a freshly made coffee in the place of the visit, he will feel more at home and will enjoy the atmosphere of the interior. On the contrary, if you prepare yourself a fried meal before you invite the client in your home, it is possible your guest and potential buyer feels uncomfortable and wishes to leave the place as fast as possible.

Source: Residence Visage

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