Tips for renting and buying apartments

What to expect and what to avoid when looking for an aparatment

Every year, thousands of people head to Prague because of work, study and perhaps even happiness. There are also many foreigners among them, who have chosen the capital to be their temporary or even permanent “home sweet home”. And they all need to live somewhere. If you are one of them, you may find the following tips useful. Whether you are looking for apartments for sale or flats for rent in Prague, it is not good to rush the search process. According to the developers, there are currently over 7,000 apartments in various locations of Prague. We want to introduce you the main locations with advanced civic amenities. In other words, places which are close to local schools, public transport as well as doctors.

Always ask for a place with developed civic amenities

Best addresses are currently located in Prague 5 (Smíchov) and Prague 6 (Dejvice). You can expect a plenty of various types of flats in different types of buildings in Smíchov and Dejvice. A tenement is a classic, but how about trying to live in a loft? The loft can be also found in these locations. As already mentioned, an important aspect is the presence of the high-quality amenities. Who would like to trudge through half of Prague to school or to the doctor? It will be literally a few steps away to a variety of shops, entertainment centers, cultural facilities, sports facilities, but also the authorities. Of course, the bus stop, tram or subway will be in the vicinity of the apartment.

Prices of the apartments are kept lower in the crisis

As you surely guessed, all sorts of "benefits" and good location of the apartment will be reflected in the price. Estate agencies in Prague, for example, increase the price by 10 percent, when the house (apartment) is close to the subway. The same principle applies to the nearby parks, playgrounds and offices. Total price may not climb to astronomical heights. The current uncertain economic situation has kept the price of flats lower. In other words - real estate agents want to sell apartments. And quickly.

Important is to compare

And that's what you should take advantage of. How? Do not be afraid to haggle. Although it seems unbelievable, price of a flat 2 + kk can be reduced by 200,000 crowns. Therefore, we return to the beginning of the article: definitely do not rush anything, carefully analyze the bids and compare prices and locations. Then, the own living in Prague will not be only a fairy tale, but very pleasant reality.

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