Health Care in the Czech Republic for UK Citizens after Brexit

Here is a complete overview of the situation with Health Care in the Czech Republic for U.K. citizens post Brexit. 

Brexit will happen soon. Specifically, on October 31, 2019. It could come in handy for UK citizens to get familiar with all the upcoming changes in law and what effect the changes might bring to them. 

Do you want to know about the healthcare access you’re entitled to? Would you like to learn how to get it when you’re moving to the Czech Republic or visiting it? This article will give you some options for healthcare in the Czech Republic when Brexit comes into effect.

Living in the Czech Republic after Brexit

The changes will happen if there is a no-deal Brexit for the UK nationals living in the Czech Republic, so let’s get ready for it. What’s the first thing to do?

It might be a good idea to review your access to healthcare now. In the case of no-deal and no agreements between the UK and the Czech Republic, there may be a gap or permanent change in how you access healthcare.

Try to make the best decision based on your specific personal situation and consider to start your process of applying for the Visa/Residence Permit to legally live in the Czech Republic. Besides, registration for health care under the local rules and legislation of the country or getting comprehensive health insurance while applying for residency is a must. Make sure you have all the right documentation and that it is up to date when you start your process.

If you are a resident in the Czech Republic, have a look at the government-approved statutory health insurance scheme. Perhaps you will find perks in being able to reach the same healthcare standards as Czech nationals. 

Visit the Czech Republic

After the transition period, UK citizens will be regarded as other non-EU nationals and, therefore, they won't be able to stay longer than three months in the Czech Republic without a valid visa or residence permit. If you’re planning to visit the Czech Republic, keep your eyes open for possible changes to your access to the country if there is no-deal Brexit.

Regarding the EHICs, it will still be valid until the UK leaves the EU. However, the card may not be valid if there is a no-deal Brexit. This will depend on whether the UK will have an arrangement with the Czech Republic or not, and it might mean you need to cover full expenses for treatment without insurance support.

When traveling to the Czech Republic, make sure you have comprehensive travel insurance. It’s advised by the government to UK nationals to take out comprehensive travel insurance when going overseas. The EHIC card is not an alternative to travel insurance and you should have both when you travel abroad.


In case you need to visit a hospital, make sure you are treated by a hospital contracted to any of the Czech state healthcare insurance funds (HIFs). Present your valid EHIC and your UK passport when you’re admitted to the hospital to receive treatment at the same cost as a Czech resident. 

For an emergency hospital treatment, a standard 90 CZK non-refundable fee is charged.

S1 Certificate

You might be entitled to draw the UK paid state healthcare if you live in the Czech Republic and receive:

  • An exportable UK State Pension
  • A contribution-based Employment Support Allowance
  • Another exportable benefit

For that, you’ll need to apply for a certificate of entitlement known as an S1 form.

If you are an owner of an S1 certificate, you and your dependents can access healthcare in the Czech Republic. The S1 certificate will be valid until the UK leaves the EU. It is recommended to register for an S1 certificate with one of the local HIFS and receive their insurance card when moving to the Czech Republic.

Who can be eligible for an S1 certificate? You may be qualified if you:

  • Receive certain UK benefits, such as a UK State Pension
  • Are employed by a UK firm and you’re a posted or frontier worker
  • Are a dependent on someone who has an S1 certificate

It’s possible to apply for an S1 certificate until the time when the UK leaves the EU. You will need all the right and up to date documentation for the process. However, the certificate may not be valid if there is a no-deal Brexit. This will depend on whether the UK will reach an arrangement with the Czech Republic or not, and might mean you need to pay in full for a treatment.

Foreigners as a friendly company that will help you with health care insurance when you’re moving to the Czech Republic. Want to know more about it? Check their website.

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