Nordic Film Autumn starts at Lucerna

A week of mostly new films shows a spectrum of comedies and dramas

Fall brings in the cold weather, and that sets the perfect mood for the eighth edition of the Nordic Film Autumn (Severský filmový podzim), which runs at kino Lucerna from Nov. 9 to 16.

The festival will then run in other Czech cities. In Prague, Brno, and Ostrava, the films will be shown with English subtitles, as well as Czech.The festival brings 24 films from seven countries – eight Swedish, six Danish, five Norwegian, two Estonian, and one each from Finland, Lithuania, and Iceland. Some 13 films are in Czech premiere.

The opening film is the Danish drama Walk with Me, about a 25-year-old soldier deployed in Afghanistan who steps on a landmine. At the local rehabilitation center, he meets Sofie, a ballerina who offers to help him with rehabilitation. Director Lisa Ohlin based her story on real events.

Another Danish title, the World War II drama Across the Waters is by director Nicolo Donato. Jewish jazz musician Arne Itkin, his wife, and their 5-year-old son realize that they have to flee to Sweden to avoid the Holocaust. But who can be trusted?

Director and scriptwriter Renné Frelle Petersen's debut feature Where Have All the Good Men Gone is about two girls from a dysfunctional family looking for love.

The drama The Day Will Come is based on real events from the 1960s. At Orphanage Godhavn, boys were victims of abuse or medical experiments.

Sweden is represented by comedic drama Hustler´s Diary by director Ivica Zubak. A petty criminal in a Stockholm suburb really wants to become an actor. His lost diary is found by someone who wants to publish it.

The comedy Holy Mess (video below) is a Christmas story with Nordic humor. Simon and Oscar want to announce to their families that they are expecting a child with their common girlfriend.

The Norwegian comedy Staying Alive is about a woman who discovers that her boyfriend is cheating. With help from her girlfriend, she finds out how to enjoy life again.

Norway is also represented by road movie Before Snowfall. A man from Kurdistan is searching for his sister, who fled from her wedding.

In Ole Giæver's new film From the Balcony, a man observes his place in the universe from his balcony in an Oslo suburb, pondering the fundamental question of how he got there.

The Finnish contribution is Reunion 2: Bachelor Party, a sequel to a hit comedy about three friends getting back together.

The Icelandic representative is Reykjavík, a romantic drama about a couple heading in different directions.

From Estonia the retro comedy The Dissidents shows three young men who fled from Soviet-era Estonia to more cozy life in Sweden. There is also the Estonian remake of the Danish hit Class Reunion. The Lithuanian movie The Deportee finds a 10-year-old girl who escaped from a deportation train and makes a 6,000-kilometer journey home.

The comedic drama Stockholm Stories returns at the request of the audience. It is about five people who come together because of sudden power shortage. The Norwegian teenage comedy Kiss Me You Fucking Moron offers humor and the beauty of the Nordic nature. Romantic adventures turn into a dangerous game in a drama Eternal Summer. The late Swedish actor Michael Nyqvist is in As It Is in Heaven, a 2005 film about a choir conductor.

The festival is organized by the Nordic Film Club with the financial support of Volvo Car Czech Republic, the Ministry of Culture of Czech Republic, Brno City Hall and the embassies of the Nordic countries.

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