Biggest cinema is now in Chodov

The 18-screen theater bills itself as a megaplex

The biggest development in the Prague cinema scene in 2017 was the opening of the 18-screen megaplex in the new wing of the Chodov shopping center in October.

Cinema City Chodov has 18 screens, including three VIP halls, one 4DX hall and 14 2D and 3D halls, using Barco laser projectors. Three halls have Dolby Atmos surround sound. In total there are 2,635 seats. The Chodov cinema is the 10th and newest currently operating multiplex in Prague.

The record for the largest in terms of screens was previously held by Cinestar Anděl, with 14 screens and 2,052 seats. Cinema City Letňany has 2,668 seats, but only 12 screens, with one of its halls seating 475 people. Neither of these two has a 4DX hall.

“The megaplex is a brand new concept for us to take the cinema experience to a new level. … There are infinitely many variations on how to enjoy a film according to your preferences. We want to let people have an experience and let them enjoy the above-standard services,” said Robert Švec, marketing director of Cinema City.

In the 4DX hall, the seats and the cinema are equipped with technologies that work in sync with the action on the screen to make it feel as if the visitor part of the action. The video and audio are accompanied by environmental effects such as seat motion, wind, rain, fog, lights, and scents along with the standard video and audio. Chodov has the third 4DX hall in the Czech Republic and the second in Prague.

Dolby Atmos sound is also relatively recent development, first available in 2012. The technology allows for up to 128 audio tracks plus associated spatial audio description metadata. Dolby Atmos has a 10-channel bed for ambiance stems or center dialogue, leaving 118 tracks for objects. Up to 128 speakers can be used with the system.

The VIP Zone offers 3 halls with even more comfortable adjustable seats, a restaurant and an unlimited popcorn and non-alcoholic beverages. Because of its layout, the VIP zone is created for a pleasant evening for two, or for a company presentation or private event.

Before the mid-1990s, there were no multiplexes in the Czech Republic. Now some 33 multiplexes account for 43,375 cinema seats in 247 halls.

In 2016, multiplexes accounted for 65 percent of the viewers and 72 percent of the turnover of all cinemas in the Czech Republic. In 1999, it was just 10 percent of the viewers and 16 percent of the turnover, according to the Union of Film Distributors.

But not every multiplex is successful. A five-screen multiplex at the Novodvorská shopping mall closed in 2008 after a little more than a year of operation due to poor sales.

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