Lucerna and Světozor now have English-subtitled films

Foreign films on Mondays and Tuesdays are more accessible to the expat audience

Some great foreign films play in Prague, but usually with Czech subtitles. This puts them out of reach for many expats who struggle to keep up the plot.

Kino Světozor is launching a weekly event called Catch-Up Tuesday, which will show a recent film with English subtitles every Tuesday at 8:45 pm. It is aimed at anyone who would rather see English subtitles than Czech ones.

This event joins the Be2Can Club, which has been showing recent European art films with English and Czech subtitles at kino Lucerna on Mondays.

Both cinemas are using their small halls, so seating is limited. Tickets can be booked online.

The first film in Světozor’s Catch-Up Tuesday program, showing on April 24, is the recent Israeli film Foxtrot. The next one, showing May 1, is the Hungarian film Jupiter’s Moon. Both were at Febiofest in March and are now in local distribution.

Coincidentally, both deal with contemporary issues of border security, but that will not be a regular feature of Catch-Up Tuesdays. Other genres will be included in the future.

Forxtrot won the Grand Jury Prize at the most recent Venice International Film Festival.

The fictional film has caused quite a controversy in its home country for its unsympathetic depiction of an incident at a checkpoint on a minor road.

The story deals with a young soldier’s family, who at the start of the film is informed that their son has died. Details are extremely sketchy, and the father wants more answers than the military is willing to give.

This is contrasted with scenes of young soldiers dealing with boredom at checkpoint in the middle of the desert that is mostly crossed by stray camels.

Tensions between the family members are made even worse by the news of the death. The plot with the soldiers varies between humor and tragedy.

The title Foxtrot refers to the military alphabet, as the checkpoint is lettered F. It is also a dance that was popular in the 1930s. One of the more engaging moments of the film shows a soldier dancing with his rifle, next to an old van with a faded exterior advertising painting of a smiling woman.

Foxtrot is director Samuel Maoz’s second feature film, following 2009’s Lebanon, which won Golden Lion at the 66th Venice Film Festival.

Jupiter’s Moon, the second film scheduled for Catch-Up Tuesday, It ran in the main competition section at the 2017 Cannes FilFestival, but did not win.

The plot deals with a group of Syrian refugees trying to cross into Hungary by boat. One of the refugees, instead of dying after being shot by border guards, acquires the power to levitate.

The allegorical tale touches on the black market for documents, exploitation of vulnerable people, terrorism and related topics.

The film has gotten mixed reviews, with people praising its ambition and inventiveness but finding it a bit muddled with too many ideas being explored at once.

The next film in Be2Can Club at Lucerna is the German film Victoria, shown on April 23. the 2015 film was shot in a single take. It deals with a runaway party girl, who's asked by three men to join them for a wild night that gets out of hand.

On April 30, the film at Lucerna is Son of Saul, a 2016 Hungarian film about the Holocaust. A prisoner in Auschwitz attempts to look after the body of the son whom he had neglected.

The film May 7 is Western, a 2017 German-Bulgarian-Austrian co-production about tensions that flare up when a German-backed construction project starts in the Bulgarian countryside.

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