Cine Argentino coming to Lucerna

Recent films will showcase one of Latin America’s largest cultures

The seventh edition of the Argentine film festival Cine Argentino will be held at kino Lucerna from Oct. 25 to 30. People will have the opportunity to watch eight films, accompanied by a poster exhibition and dance performances.

Most films will have English and Czech subtitles, except for the dance documentary Our Last Tango (Naše poslední tango), which has only Czech subtitles.

“The festival begins with a film by director María Teresa Costantini called I Tita, A Life of Tango (Yo soy así, Tita de Buenos Aires / To jsem já, Tita z Buenos Aires). Usually tango is an art form, but this time the film focuses on tango as a song genre. Few people represent that better than Tita Merello, and her life evokes the era of the 1930s to 1950s in Buenos Aires. The film's Czech premiere will be presented by director Costantini. In the Marble Hall, after the screening, the viewers can ask the director questions,” festival dramaturge Jan Rybář said in a press release.

The film complements the exhibition at Lucerna Café of film posters from 1933 to 1980 featuring Merello.

At the opening ceremony on Oct. 25 the audience can look forward to Argentinean tango in the arcade of the Lucerna Palace. After the film, a concert of Argentinean music will be held for the visitors in the Marble Hall of Lucerna. After the concert, the traditional Argentinean milonga dance will continue in the Marble Hall.

The other films in the program cover a wide variety of genres. The film A Sort of Family (Una especie de familia / Naše dítě) shows a well-off woman from Buenos Aires who wants to adopt a child from a poor family in another region. The process is filled with moral questions and legal issues.

Quite different is In Love and in Hate (Los que aman odian / Kdo miluje nenávidí), a police thriller set in a dilapidated but once elegant hotel by the beach. A doctor on the run meets a person from his past on a stormy night. It is based on the novel by Bioy Casares and Silvina Ocampo.

The comedy 10 Days Without Mom (Mamá se fue de viaje / Deset dní bez mámy) has a mother go on vacation, leaving her husband alone with four kids. What could go wrong? Actually, pretty much everything.

Politics is the focus of Summit (La Cordillera / Summit). A president is at an important international meeting when a family crisis threatens to end his career.

Hunting Season (Temporada de Caza / Lovecká sezóna) brings viewers to Patagonia for a family drama with a father and his estranged son.

Nobody's Watching (Nadie nos mira / Nikdo se nedívá) features a young Argentine actor who gives up a successful soap opera career for a chance to make it in New York.

The film festival is hosted by Lucerna Palace along with the Embassy of the Argentine Republic.

The general partner is the City of Prague.

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