Aussie, Brazilian and CEE film fests

The fall will be filled with foreign film festivals

November kicks off with four film festivals, plus the regularly scheduled English-friendly nights at Dlabačov and Světozor cinemas.

The festivals are Aussie and Kiwi films at Lucerna and Ponrepo on Nov. 2–7; Kino Brasil at Oko on Nov. 1–4; Polish, Czech, Hungarian and Slovak films at Altas and Evald on Nov. 3–6; and the one-day autumn edition of the Shockproof festival of lowbrow films at Aero on Nov. 3.

The three international festivals are each in their fifth editions, while Shockproof is in its 15th.

The Aussie and Kiwi Film Fest will present new and retrospective films. The festival opens Nov. 2 at Lucerna with the road movie Pork Pie and a haka performance by Maori cultural group Whakaari Rotorua from New Zealand.

Pork Pie finds three young people on the run in a Mini Cooper being both wanted criminals and national heroes.

The festival ends Nov. 7 at Ponrepo with the romantic comedy Three Summers, along with wines from Australia and New Zealand.

In between there are some classic films including Rabbit-Proof Fence and Once Were Warriors, dealing with Aboriginal people in Australia and Maori in New Zealand respectively.

New films include the documentary Westwind: Djalu's Legacy about the musical instrument didgeridoo, which will be introduced by director Ben Strunin.

Several films will have their Czech premieres at the festival: Outlaw biker gangs feature in 1%, family drama among opal miners is seen in Strange Colours, and the epidemic of child abuse is examined in Waru.

All movies will be screened in their original versions with Czech subtitles.

Recent Brazilian films will be at the plainly named Kino Brasil festival. The festival opens with Liquid Truth (Tekutá Pravda / Aos Teus Olhos), a very topical film about a swimming instructor accused of inappropriate behavior. When the pool operators find no proof, the alleged victim's mother turns to social media.

A highlight in the festival is Bingo: King of the Mornings (Bingo: Každé ráno králem / Bingo: O Rei Das Manhãs). The basically true story has a TV clown on syndicated kids show getting caught up in drugs and liquor, even bringing a stripper on the show to boost ratings in the 1980s. This was Brazil’s submission for an Oscar, though it was not nominated.

Something with a harder edge, Friendly Beast (Laskavá Bestie / O Animal Cordial) looks at the robbery of a restaurant that has not gone to plan.

There are a few more films before the festival closes with Ex-Shaman (Ex-pajé), a blend of documentary and fiction about a former indigenous holy man who finds himself no longer needed when people turn to evangelism instead.

Most but not all of the films in this festival are English-friendly.

The 3kino festival will have recent Polish, Czech, Hungarian and Slovak films, many with English subtitles. The program is quite extensive, with 40 films and 24 guests over eight days, as well as performances.

Shockproof at Aero presents four bizarre films, with three being vintage B-movies. The Apple, a 1980 film set in a futuristic 1994, will have live comedic dubbing in Czech. The 1979 blaxploitation musical Disco Godfather has a strong but campy anti-drug theme mixed with dance scenes. The 1980 horror film Prom Night features Jamie Lee Curtis in another scream queen role, following the success of Halloween.

The new film is Kuso, directed by DJ and electronic musician Flying Lotus. The plot has something to do with mutants and survivors of an earthquake.

Dlabačov has films with English subtitles on Mondays, and Světozor has them on Catchup Tuesdays. Full schedules for the month are not yet available.

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