Scandi presents Nordic cinema

Several recent films from Northern Europe will be shown with English subtitles

The fifth Scandi festival of Nordic film will take place Jan. 10–13 in three Prague cinemas: Lucerna, Atlas and Pilot.

The festival will present 20 recent films, and several of the screenings will have English subtitles. Four of the films will later go into distribution in the Czech cinemas, but those later screenings in general will only be with Czech subtitles, save for special presentations.

The highlight for English-speaking audiences is Woman at War (Žena na válečné stezce / Kona fer í strid), an Icelandic – French – Ukrainian production about a woman waging a personal battle against big industry and its environmental impact. Her sabotage project to stop a polluting factory hits a snag when she learns an adoption of a war orphan she applied to help four years ago has been approved.

The film breaks down cinematic convention by having the musicians and singers of the background score popping up and even interacting a bit with the characters.

Director Benedikt Erlingsson will be a festival guest and introduce the film on Jan. 12. The film goes to Czech cinemas Jan. 31.

The holiday-theme comedy-drama That Time of the Year (Svátky klidu a míru / Den tid på året), is from director and actress Paprika Stein. A family reunion in Denmark doesn’t go exactly according to plan. Estranged parents, bickering sisters, a difficult teen daughter and others try to get through the holiday but mostly get at each other’s throats. The film has many funny and bittersweet moments. But it arrives a little late for the Christmas holidays. It goes to Czech cinemas Jan. 10.

The Swedish film Goliath (Goliaš / Goliat) has a son taking over his father’s crime business when the father has to go to jail. The film has been praised for it s raw depiction of rural life and small-town crime. It goes to Czech cinemas Feb. 7.

Another Swedish film, Amateurs (Amatéři / Amatörer), shows a town trying to attract a discount store chain by hiring a commercial director to make a promo film. Two high school girls from immigrant families use their cell phones to capture the real story instead. It goes to Czech cinemas Jan. 17.

Other films with English titles include Men & Chicken (O kuřatech a lidech / Mænd og høns), a 2015 Danish-German film about two brothers who after learning they were adopted decide to look for their real father.

The Swedish film The Square (Čtverec) came to Czech cinemas at the end of 2017 and has been quite popular. It is a dry comedy set in the world of museums, with a curator facing a series of problems from a stolen phone to a poorly conceived promo video that goes viral. The film won the Palme d'Or at Cannes.

The 2017 Danish film A Horrible Woman (Potvora / En frygtelig kvinde) explores a man caught up in a manipulative relationship with a woman who tries to tear him apart.

A full schedule can be found at Screenings that are English-friendly are marked on the program.

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