Winter Flies (Všechno bude) wins at Czech Lions

The historical post-war drama Toman had the most nominations but no wins

The road movie Winter Flies (Všechno bude) earned six Czech Lion awards including Best Picture, while the historical drama Toman, which led with 13 nominations, went home empty-handed save for the previously awarded non-statutory prize for Best Poster.

The 26th Czech Lion (Český lev) award Ceremony took place at Prague’s Rudolfinum on March 23. The Czech Lions are considered the local equivalent of the Academy Awards.

The Czech Film and Television Academy (ČFTA) had nominated 18 films in 15 categories, plus additional nominations for television. Seven films took home awards. The evening was hosted by musician and actor Václav Kopta.

The road movie Winter Flies follows two teens riding around in winter looking for adventure, and picking up a troubled young woman along the way. The film starts in a police station and the events. are told in flashback.

The Best Film prize for Winter Flies went to producer Jiří Konečný. The film also took Best Director, accepted by Olmo Omerzu, Best Supporting Actress went to Eliška Křenková, Best Supporting Actor to Jan František Uher, Best Screenplay to Petr Pýcha, and Best Editing to Jana Vlčková.

Winter Flies also won the Best Director prize at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival in July, and was the Czech submission for consideration for Best Foreign Film in the US-based Academy Awards, but was not nominated.

The costume drama The Hastrman (Hastrman) took home four awards. Karel Dobrý earned Best Actor for his role as a strange nobleman who returns to a small village in the 19th century, but he has closer connections to wild animals than to humans. Diviš Marek took home the Best Cinematography award, while Petr Wajsar earned Best Music and Eva Kotková took Best Costumes.

The rest of the winning films took one prize each.

Best Actress went to Jenovéfa Boková for her work in Moments (Chvilky), about a young woman trying to establish her own life but torn by the demands others make on her.

Jan Šulcek, Jakub Jurásek and David Titěra took Best Sound for Domestique (Domestik), an odd tale of an athlete trying to push his limits but descending into madness and obsession instead.

Jan Švankmajer and Václav Švankmajer took Best Production Design for Insect (Hmyz), a bizarre mix of live action and stop-motion animation loosely based on Pictures from the Insects' Life by Karel Čapek and Josef Čapek.

Best Makeup went to Zdeněk Klika for The Magic Quill (Čertí brko), a fairytale-inspired story about devils who keep track of sins being thrown into turmoil when the magic pen they use gets stolen and abused.

Best Documentary went to the popular film King Skate, which traced the history of skateboarding in Czechoslovakia under communism when it was barely tolerated by authorities.

A special prize for Extraordinary Contribution to Czech Cinematography went to director Věra Plívová-Šimková, now 84 years old.

Best Television Movie or Miniseries went to Dukla 61, about a real-life mining disaster. It was directed by David Ondříček, produced by Michal Reitler, from a script by Jakub Režný and Matěj Podzimek.

A Special Audiovisual Award went to Martha Issová for her acting in Dukla 61.

Best Dramatic Television Series went to Dabing Street, written and directed by Petr Zelenka, and produced by Kateřina Ondřejková. The series is set in dubbing studio in the year 2001.

Czech Lion winners:
Winter Flies (Všechno bude) – 6 Český lvi
The Hastrman (Hastrman) – 4 Český lvi
The Magic Quill (Čertí brko) – 1 Český lev
Domestique (Domestik) – 1 Český lev
Moments (Chvilky) – 1 Český lev
Insect (Hmyz) – 1 Český lev
King Skate – 1 Český lev

Best Film: Winter Flies – producer Jiří Konečný
Best Documentary Film: King Skate – director Šimon Šafránek, producer Kateřina Černá
Best Director: Winter Flies – Olmo Omerzu
Best Actress: Moments – Jenovéfa Boková
Best Actor: The Hastrman – Karel Dobrý
Best Supporting Actress: Winter Flies – Eliška Křenková
Best Supporting Actor: Winter Flies – Jan František Uher
Best Screenplay: Winter Flies – Petr Pýcha
Best Cinematography: The Hastrman – Diviš Marek
Best Editing: Winter Flies – Jana Vlčková
Best Sound: Domestique – Jan Šulcek, Jakub Jurásek, David Titěra
Best Music: The Hastrman – Petr Wajsar
Best Production Design: Insect – Jan Švankmajer, Václav Švankmajer
Best Costumes: The Hastrman – Eva Kotková
Best Makeup: The Magic Quill – Zdeněk Klika
Best Television Movie or Miniseries: Dukla 61
Best Dramatic Television Series: Dabing Street
Extraordinary Contribution to Czech Cinematography: Věra Plívová-Šimková
Special Audiovisual Award: Martha Issová for Dukla 61
Magnesia Award for Best Student Film (non-statutory prize): One Hundred and Twenty-eight Thousand (Sto dvacet osm tisíc) – Ondřej Erban
Best Film Poster– (non-statutory prize): Toman – Tomáš Zilvar, Lukáš Francl, Barbara Trojanová, Maxmilian Denkr
Film Fan Award (non-statutory prize): The Smiles of Sad Men (Úsměvy smutných mužů) – director Daniel Svátek

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