Danish films for free

Four films will be shown outdoors on Tuesdays

A late summer film festival has a program of four Danish films with English subtitles, every Tuesday from Aug. 16 to Sept. 6. The festival, sponsored by the Danish Embassy and Danish Film Institute, takes place at Containall, an outdoor cultural center based around a shipping container at the riverbank by Cihelná 4 in Prague 1–Malá Strana. Admission is free. All films are at 9 pm.

The films are all recent, with two thrillers and two documentaries.

The festival starts Aug 16 with The Idealist, a 2015 film about a whistleblower who attempts to reveal the secret behind a real nuclear disaster that occurred during the height of the Cold War. The political thriller has been compared to All the President's Men and The Parallax View. In 1968 a US B-52 bomber with a nuclear payload crashed in Greenland, a Danish territory. Important facts about the case were concealed in the 1990s, when a journalist dug into it.

The next Tuesday, Aug, 23, there is a 2014 documentary called Democrats, which looks at the process for creating a new constitution in Zimbabwe. Filming took three years and shows rival factions as well as the public trying to have a say in what the final document looks like. The filmmakers had unprecedented access to the procedures, and how country taking its tentative first steps toward democracy after years of dictatorship.

On Aug. 30 the 2014 documentary film Good Things Await shows the story of an 80-year-old man who is using what he calls biodynamic farming methods to raise Danish Red cattle. The farm supplies some top restaurants in the world. But not everyone is a fan of the system and the farmer comes into trouble with regulatory authorities and EU rules on animal welfare, and he has to fight back against constant inspections and petty fines that threaten to ruin his business.

The final film on Sept. 6 is another thriller called A Second Chance. The 2014 film follows two cops, one a family man and the other recovering from broken marriage, who come across a neglected baby with two junkie parents. One of the cops is faced with some unethical choices in order to do what he thinks is best for the baby. The film premiered at the Toronto Film Festival.

Containall on Facebook: www.facebook.com/containall
Embassy of Denmark in the Czech Republic on Facebook: www.facebook.com/DKintheCzechRepublic

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