1/10/2018 11:02:32 AM

Peter Raphael


Translation of German to English


I am working on a historical research project. I have quite a large number of documents in German that will need fairly good translation into English; some others that will only need to be read in their original German and searched for certain features [as existing or not] which I would detail. I know enough German to read through these documents and get the general sense of them and which need translation of to be searched, but my ability in German is not good enough to do a translation. My funds are limited, but you will certainly be paid. Looking perhaps for a German student studying here looking for some extra work in their spare time. I'm not looking for and likely can not afford a professional translator. The material itself will be interesting for the most part, and are all Stasi documents. Please email and please do not try to contact by phone. Tell me what you were thinking of charging per standard page [1800 characters and spaces] and your experience in such matters. Then we can meet. This project will likely go on for several months. How many documents I need done each week will vary, but you will be able to do these in your spare time and send. We will not have to meet too often. As this project will be leading to a book and other similar exposures, it is essential that you do not detail publicly what we are working on before the publication of my Project. Thanks in advance.

Peter Raphael
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